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Ready for Spring?  ... and a Giveaway!

Hi! I'm Nancy, the designer from Pink Sand Beach Designs patterns.

 Today I'm sharing two bags made in the new Spring House fabrics by Stephanie Ryan. 
There's a giveaway at the end of this post too!

Tuscany Tote and Barbados Bag

Oh my, these were so fun to make and look great for spring. 
Tuscany Tote is a perfect size tote with lots of pockets and easy to sew.

Barbados Bag is my favorite cross body bag and easily fits my IPAD inside!

Your local store can order the patterns from United Notions here ... 
On the left Barbados Bag , on the right Tuscany Tote 

Tuscany Tote is so fun and easy to sew!  
Easy to make in an afternoon using four of your favorite fabrics.
Of course, the big floral print seems just the right choice for a spring bag!
 What do you think?

Tuscany Tote has16 pockets inside! 
Yes, that's a lot of pockets! 
You can make it with 8, 12 or 16 pockets to carry everything from your cell phone, sun glasses, lip gloss, day planner, and all those items we like to carry with us. 
There's even enough room to carry an IPAD or laptop! 
Take a look inside ...

Barbados Bag is a fun to sew cross body bag!
All the features we girls want: 
Lots of pockets, easy to sew zippers and optional swivel hooks.  
You can make it using four of your favorite fabrics and use fat quarters!
An added bonus is the two front pockets.  This zipper pocket is where I keep my cell phone secure.  Isn't that easy to get to?

The second pocket is a hidden pocket!
I use this pocket to keep my keys so I can get to them quickly. 
This pocket is right behind the zippered pocket.
 And YES, its easy to sew!

Two more pockets in back!
I use these to put all those little slips of paper you get at the cash register and I keep my business cards here for easy access.  
When we went to Hawaii, I kept my airline ticket here!

Optional Swivel Hooks!
The pattern shows you how to easily attach the swivel hooks and D-Rings on the bag. 
You can also make Barbados Bag without the hardware if you want. 
What do you think of our casted silver swivel hooks?  

Your store can order our purse swivel hooks and D ring sets in silver, antique gold and black.  They can get them directly from United Notions!


I'm giving away some goodies for you! You can enter to win:

 Two patterns along with a set of swivel hooks in your color choice!

To enter do these two things: 

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The Winner will be chosen at random in 1 week from today!

It's been fun sharing with you today!  Come visit my website Pink Sand Beach Designs

Nancy Green

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