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Into the Woods with Vanessa Goertzen

Into the Woods with Vanessa Goertzen

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Linzee McCray
Vanessa Goertzen Vanessa Goertzen

Vanessa Goertzen’s new fabric line, Into the Woods, has its roots in a cozy childhood spent with “an extremely talented mom.” Bedtime frequently featured a classic story set against a backdrop of the forest—Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel—and one of Vanessa’s favorite childhood memories is of snuggling under a quilt while her mom read to her.

Into the Woods precuts Vaness G

Those memories inspired the wood grain, evergreens, and forest flowers that appear in Into the Woods. It combines earthy colors with bright hues to a fairy tale effect. “It has an innocence that makes it great for a little girl’s room, but also is basic enough that I can imagine curtains stitched from the Cloud Garden pattern,” she says. “It’s very versatile.”

Vanessa's Twinkle quilt pattern featuring Into the Woods Vanessa's Twinkle pattern featuring Into the Woods

While the stories Vanessa heard may have inspired the imagery of Into the Woods, it was life with her dollmaker and designer mom Miriam Gourley Rawson that provided the biggest inspiration. “From her I learned to be creative in all aspects of life,” says Vanessa.

Sawmill Vanessa G

And that’s lucky for us. Vanessa’s designed several new quilt patterns that perfectly highlight Into the Woods. And she and her Mom have created the adorable Cottage Canopy, the perfect place for wee ones to hide out from the Big Bad Wolf.

Cottage Canopy designed by Vanessa and her mom Cottage Canopy designed by Vanessa and her mom

So follow Vanessa over the river and through the woods. Her fabric will be in stores in August, perfect timing for creating a cozy quilt for your own little one to snuggle under during the cold winter months (or those curtains for yourself).