Mixing it up...

Mixing it up...

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It's a Monday thing.


I'm planning ahead - for Monday and for this weekend.

Do you know about Mix It Up Monday?  It's something we've been playing with on Instagram and Facebook, picking twelve fat quarters from different collections that mix well together.  This is what I've picked for next week.  There are eight different collections represented there - from Brenda Riddle's Ambleside to Me and My Sister's Bandana.  Aren't they pretty?  (If you want to play along and maybe win this bundle, just follow Moda Fabrics on Facebook or Instagram.)

I want to thank you for all the great suggestions for what you'd like to read about here in the coming months.  One thing is clear... okay, two things.

First, as I knew you would, you thought of things I hadn’t and many of your suggestions gave me ideas for more. Some of the topics will probably pop up soon, others will take a little longer to get the whole story – and to get pictures. So if I don’t get to something right away, it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten it.

One question I can get to right now is yes, I will be continuing to design quilts and patterns.  It's actually part of my job, one of my hats here.

Second, I can see that you’ve got my back. You want to make sure I’ve got lots and lots of work to do – plenty to write about – so that I won’t have time to sneak off to the Sample room to play with the fabric. You’re looking out for me and I appreciate that.


I was going to share… I’ve found all sorts of things in the drawers of my desk.

As for me, my second week is ending and while I’m still having trouble with the voicemail playback on the phone system, I am feeling more confident about a few things – like remembering everybody’s name and remembering which printer has the pages I just sent to print.

This weekend should be really nice because it’s supposed to be a sunny weekend – weather-wise and sewing-wise. I have one project to finish for a deadline and another to get busy on for a year-long project.

Did you see the Snapshots quilt by Kimberly Jolly and the Fat Quarter Shop?

Snapshots quilt

As much as I love Bonnie & Camille's Daysail, I've decided to use something else.  The blocks are so cute, they'll work with anything - and everything - and okay, I like being different.  You can read more about this quilt here.  Did I mention the proceeds all go to a terrific cause?

Make that two year-long projects...


I'm also going to get some of these fabrics cut for another year-long super-scrappy project.  I'll tell you more about it on Monday.

The fabrics?  Sticks and Stones by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts and Collection for a Cause Mill Book Series Circa 1892 by Howard Marcus Dunn.  (Like the collections in the Mix It Up Bundle, these fabrics are "coming soon".)

Are you going to sew this weekend? What will you be working on?

If you share your weekend plans, you might soon be doing the cross-stitch on one of these sought-after giveaway totes from Fall Market. (Winners announced Monday morning.)

No Place Like Moda

There really isn't.

I still have to pinch myself.

Have a wonderful weekend - go make something beautiful.

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