Modern Country Girl...

Modern Country Girl...

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Make that Country Girl Modern.


This book - 11 Modern-Traditional Quilts from the Junction.  Petticoat Junction?  Nope.  Iowa.  Jo's Country Junction - Jo Kramer.  Jo and her daughter Kelli - Kelli Hanken - have been making and designing quilts for ages, and they've finally published a book of quilts "inspired by country air, traditional roots, and modern fun."

We - meaning more than just me, the Carrie typing this - have known Jo and Kelli for awhile and when she asked us if we'd join the blog hop and review their book, how could we resist?  There's a quilt in the book named "Modalicious"!


How much fun is that!

So here's the review.  The quilts.  They're terrific - a few are such that a quilting-newbie will have great success, and a couple have enough pieces that even a long-time quilt-maven will be kept busy.  Some of the quilts need yardage or fat quarters, and others will put a big dent in your scrap basket.


This is Bohemian Rhapsody - it's my favorite and the one that I'm itching to make with something... anything.  While it's made with 1/2 yard cuts, I think this is one that would be great for scrap-busting.

The instructions.  They're clear, concise and I love the "Quick Reference Chart" - that's a genius idea.  It's a "cheat sheet" of how many pieces / units you need to make the quilt.


Seriously.  This is a great idea.  (In pattern-writer-speak, that means it's an idea absolutely worth "borrowing".)

So have I convinced you that this is a great book and you should have one?  As your luck would have it, we can help with that last part too.  If you leave a comment here by Midnight on Sunday, March 15, you just might win a copy of Country Girl Modern.  Be sure to leave your e-mail address with your comment - and no, don't put the e-mail in the comment, simply include it where and when the comment form asks for it.

Thank you to Jo and Kelli for asking us to hop with the Country Girls.  And Thanks to YOU for hopping too.


Really.  Thanks to YOU.  (That's the name of this quilt.)

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