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Happy Friday!

Do you have days where you have a plan - a list! - of what you need to get done and then it all goes haywire before you even get started?  Even though you've gotten a whole lot done by the end of the day, you haven't touched any of the things on your list.  That's what it's been like this week for most everybody in the office - that's what it's like getting ready for Quilt Market.

Ask anybody.  Ask everybody.

Next year, you can ask Robin about it.  She'll know.

This is Robin Pickens.


And that's her beautiful fabric collection - it's called Romance Poppies.  It's the collection you chose as the winner of the Spoonflower - Moda Fabrics Fabric8 - Botanical Sketchbook contest.  We're very excited to get to know Robin and work with her.

And a huge, huge thank you to the wonderful folks at Spoonflower!  We loved partnering with you for this terrific contest - the artwork and submissions were spectacular.

As for what else is going on here... there's plenty.

Binding.  I'm sure someone has an exact count but Chelair had to have cut and made the binding for more than forty quilts this past week.  Forty.  Four-zero.  Some were small but still... that's a whole lot of binding.  Tammy helped with the actual sewing of binding onto quilts, and yes, some of the binding gets stitched down by machine.

As for the rest... pictures coming soon.  We've been gathering pictures that we'll be posting a Pinterest board showing the behind-the-scenes preparations for Fall Quilt Market.


If you can't wait until next weekend, there are already a couple of Moda-licious boards on Pinterest - Moda Sightings and Moda-Fabrics-Love.

And then there is Frivols No. 3 - it's shipping... shipped... it's hard to keep track right now.  Eliza's Indigo - Betsy Chutchian - Frivols No. 3.


Heritage.  Betsy's quilts and fabric collections come out of her love for history, the stories behind the quilts and the people who made them.  Legacy.  Heritage.

As we wrote in the pattern, this quilt got it's start with a couple of cocktail napkins on an airplane and the notion of "what blocks can you make using only 7" x 7" squares."  (Next time we'll make sure we have paper and a pencil.  And maybe a ruler of some sort.)

As it was with Frivol No. 2, everything needed to make this quilt top is included in the tin.  The quilt is made with 56 Economy Patch blocks and the quilt measures 28" x 32" finished size.

There are some duplicate fabrics in the Frivol roll - someone in the office will always pick prints over the "solids".  The duplicates also allowed us to include extra gold and cream squares for contrast.


Two Options.  First, on the 2nd page of the pattern, there is an option to make the same block in a much smaller size - 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" finished instead of 4" x 4" finished.  It's titled "A bit of Frivols Fun".  Instead of cutting four squares from each 7" x 7" square, the smaller version will have you cut 9 smaller squares.  It's for those quilters who really love small blocks and small-scale piecing.  There are four setting options for the smaller blocks.

Second, instead of making a 28" x 32" quilt top, there are enough Economy Patch blocks to make two 20" x 20" finished pillows.  The pillows would look something like this...


The squares in the tin will make 56 blocks and each pillow would use only 25 blocks, leaving 6 blocks leftover.  A pincushion?  (Or rather, six of them.)

Maker Blocks. 


These are the Maker blocks for Frivol 3.  I'm making the blocks in each size for the same quilt - I'm sure this is something I'll regret...


#modafrivols  We're enjoying seeing the finished quilts from Frivols 1 and 2, and some of the ways that folks are displaying their Frivols tins.  Pictures are still popping up on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest under the hashtag - #modafrivols.  Are you posting pictures?

That's it for today!

Market looms...

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