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It's Strawberry Season!

It's Strawberry Season!

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Not the edible kind - the fabric kind!  Fields of strawberries - Strawberry Fields Revisited.  By that Figgy girl, Joanna.


I love these colors - and the names.  Strawberry, Grass, Pond, Stone, Blush, Butter and Daisy.  With Figgy fabrics, it's always about the color.  Even when Joanna changes - or tweaks - her color palette a bit, the mix and feel of the colors is still distinctive.

The quilt above is Vintage - it's Frivols No. 6.  I wanted this quilt to be light and airy, and okay, I wanted to use as many of the fabrics as I possible could, including the strawberries for the border.  The finished quilt measures 45" x 54".

Note:  After learning that a handful of customers had received rolls of pre-cut squares that were a bit scant, we decided to re-work the cutting to make the pieces a bit smaller and allow a little leeway.  The artwork and text for the tin had already been sent for manufacturing so it could not be changed.  However, the pattern has the correct sizes and instructions, and we apologize for the discrepancy.  It just needed to be done.


This is what's in the tin - except for the mini-charms.  (Those are mine!)  Joanna designed the quilt label - it's even better in person.  And I love the quote Joanna chose - Calvin & Hobbes.  (One of my favorite cartoon strips ever.)

There are two different blocks in our quilt - a "chunky Churn Dash" and a Sashed Nine-Patch block.  Or four.  This is one of the Frivols quilts where you have some choices.


There are also some extra squares in this Frivol, meaning that you can make a bigger quilt or some pillows or a bag or something else.  I suppose you could make one of Joanna's patterns... some of them are kind of gorgeous.


Cross CheckFeedsacksMini Star-CrossedFarmhouse Aurifil - yes, this is Aurifloss and methinks Miss Figgy created this box herself.


Laundry Baskets.  Star-Crossed Mini - again... I really liked this one.  A typical lovely Figgy vignette.  Mini Laundry Baskets.

The last thing I really want to mention about a collection like Strawberry Fields Revisited - and really, with all of Joanna's collections - is how eminently stash-able" they are.  The reds and greens from Joanna's collections make beautiful Christmas quilts, and the majority of her fabrics blend beautifully together.

Figgy Christmas

These are blocks in Joanna's Christmas Mystery Block-of-the-Month - these are my blocks.  :::snort:::  (I wish... I'm a bit behind on this one.)

This is the assortment she's pulled for her upcoming Figgy Mystery Block-of-the-Month - they're primarily from Farmhouse and Strawberry Fields Revisited, with a few other fabrics mixed in.

Spring Bundle

It's not at all frivolous to stash some - a lot - of these fabrics.

Have a wonderful weekend - we're back on Monday with a row-a-long... blog hop... something fun.

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