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Through the viewfinder...

Through the viewfinder...

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There are so many things to see at Quilt Market...


True confessions:  I've never been good at reading minds.  I'm still learning my job.  I take pictures of what interests me at Quilt Market.

All of which is my convoluted way of asking you what you'd like to see from Salt Lake City.  Quilts?  Just the fabric? Candid pictures of those goofy designer-types?

The question also applies to what you'll see here, on Facebook and Instagram.

Are you on any of those? Twitter? Do you mind seeing the same picture on Facebook and Instagram? Or would you prefer that the pictures are the same so you don't have to look at both?

How many pictures is enough?  How many is too many?

I know... I ask a lot of questions.

But you already knew that about me.

Happy Wednesday!


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