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Camp Moda ~ Part 2

Camp Moda ~ Part 2

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There's plenty to catch up with so let's get busy.


Camp Moda hadn't officially opened for the day so it was still quiet - and the fireflies were being lit.  The table and chair covers are created for each Market to fit the booth theme, and yes, they are re-used for other things throughout the coming year.  They are eventually sold in the warehouse.

To give you a sense of the space and layout for Camp Moda, this is the view from the same spot, turned toward the Designer Studio booths.


And this is from the front of the Salt Palace Convention Center - the other side of Camp Moda, right under the "windows" in the picture above.


That table on the left was for Make-and-Takes by the designers - and for sharing the mountain of Chocolate-covered Cinnamon Gummi Bears that seemed to be magically multiplying.

Let's start with the designers who weren't in the Studio but had booths of their own.  This is Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts' booth.  But you knew that, didn't you?  Even without the sign, Edyta's quilts are distinctive for their complexity, use of fabric and okay, number of pieces.

Edyta's new collection is called Pumpkin Pie and the glorious quilt under the Laundry Basket sign is called Stars Upon Stars.


Edyta used the "back wall" of her booth to show the spectacular quilts she made using her coming-next-month Blue Barn collection.  It's a beautiful holiday-seasonal collection of batiks and prints in shades of blue and cream.


This angle also helps with the layout a bit - to the right is one end of the Designer Studio with the Photo Booth and the second Make-and-Take table.  To the left is Jen Kingwell's booth and a glimpse of the central area of Camp Moda - that's one of the tents in the upper-left corner.

Jen Kingwell!  Can you believe I was so busy ogling these quilts that I never took a picture of her whole booth?


These three quilts - Halo, A Step Behind and Lawn Star - are from Jen's new book, Jenny From One Block.  Halo is made using Jen's usual glorious assortment of fabrics.  (I see a bit of Gardenvale in there.)  A Step Behind is made with one of the Donkey Grey pieces from Behind the Scenes and pieces from Just a Speck.  Lawn Star is made with her coming-in-September Moving On Lawns and pieces from her latest Lollies collection.


I managed to "borrow" a picture of Jen's booth - if for no other reason than you can see why I got so distracted.  The gentleman in the snazzy shirts is Richard Kingwell.  He's wearing shirts made with Jen's Moving On Lawns.  The shirts were made by Jane Stewart, one of Moda's awesome, amazing, uber-talented Sales Reps.  Jane drafted a pattern - called a "marker" to sewing professionals who know how to do that sort of thing - and then pieced the shirts, even adding little labels that she also created.  (Jane rocks.)

On the other side of Camp Moda from the Designer Studio were more individual Designer booths.  Debbie Maddy of Calico Carriage Quilt Designs was there with her beautiful debut collection Shibori.


While Debbie's Moda collection is printed fabric that look like traditional Shibori dyed pieces, Debbie is also accomplished at dyeing fabrics using the Shibori technique - she dyed the silk scarf she's wearing.

Next to Debbie is another new Moda Design team - Franny & Jane.  Also known as Frances Newcombe and Jane Davidson.


The debut collection from Franny & Jane is Manderley.  It's a wonderful mix of gardens, florals, seashells and sea themes, with a little bit of an Oriental-inspired style.


This collection is one of my favorites - especially this print.  (And this from a girl who doesn't own any fish-fabric.)


Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings.  I wanted to get pictures of the quilts behind her but she wouldn't move.  Can you believe that?  The wool applique quilt on the left is a "coming soon" Block of the Month pattern - Lisa has stitched two versions, one with a Light background and one with a Black background.  They're both spectacular.  The quilt on the wall to the left is Old Dirt Road and the one on the right is Treasure Box.  All three are made using Little Gatherings II - Lisa's coming in October collection.

Let's go back to the Designer Studio - starting with Jo Morton.


This is Gratitude.  The colors are "toasty" - Jo's preferred shade.  The reds, blues and browns are very warm, and there is a beautiful stripe print in the collection that is perfect for borders.


Stacy Iest Hsu and Farm Fun.  (Pronounced "east shoe.")  This was Stacy's first time at Quilt Market and we hope she comes back often because we love her!  Aren't the little Lamb, Pig, Chicken and Cows adorable?  Each panel will make all four animals, plus two babies for each.  They're easy to make and a lot of fun.  "Box the corners" or not, stitch the pocket into two parts or not, change up the ears or not - or get two panels and do both!


Brenda Riddle and Fleurs.  Brenda filled her booth with some of her new "Littles".  Most also have a big - or bigger - version but the Littles are so yummy and sweet.  Snowflake is on the left and Hopscotch is on the right.  I kept missing Brenda - I know she was there, I saw her, she set up this booth!  I think Brenda was off hugging bolts...

Have you seen the Merit Badges the designers were giving away?  Brenda's is Bolt Hugger - second row from the top, fourth badge from the left.


Most of these badges - and several new designs - will be available in shops in June and July.


Meow or Never!  By Erin Michael.  I always love the mix of prints in Erin's collections - funky and cool, little riffs on traditional prints and there's always something a little different.  The dots - if you look at a piece selvage-to-selvage, the dots create an image of a flower.

Around the corner from Erin is Lydia Nelson of Dreamy Quilts.


Darling Little Dickens is Lydia's debut collection - a mix of classic prints and a contemporary color palette.


Isn't this the most adorable little dress?  Those are bushy sheep on the fabric - this print comes in several colors and they are all absolutely wonderful.  They're also hand-drawn by Lydia - all of the prints are.

The last booth for today is Blackbird Designs - Barb Adams and Alma Allen.


This is their collection, Wild Orchid.  It will be in your favorite quilt shop next month - June.  The quilts are from two new Blackbird Designs booklets - The Raven and Secret Garden.  There are two quilts in Secret Garden - the Wild Orchid Appliqué on the left and the quilt on the table.  The Raven is the quilt on the right - it's quite wonderful.


You might be surprised to learn that I have every quilt book Blackbird Designs has published.  I love their work that much - the pieced and appliquéd quilts.  Their work is so distinctive and unique - nobody else's work looks like Blackbird's.  I think it has to do with their sense of proportion, how they fill the space... but I could be wrong.  (In this case, probably not.)

That's it for today - the rest of Camp Moda will have to wait until Friday.

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