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Do you write lists?  For Quilt Market, it's a "must".


Both of my parents were list-makers with my Mom having a special talent for it.  While I used to scoff at the notion of making lists for everything, it seems that I've usually got enough lists going at any given time that I can't help but wonder if it's a "nature vs. nurture" trait.

Whatever their natural "listing" inclination, I have yet to find anybody here who doesn't have a list when it comes to Quilt Market.  Some are long, some are written on little Post-It notes - and at least one person writes very long lists on little Post-It notes.  Whatever works, right?

This is what it's looked like around the office the past few weeks - and this morning.


From binding to painting things for the booth, there are boxes to be packed for the designers and supply-crates for the sales reps.  There are softies to stuff, quilts to be bound and Schoolhouse door prizes to be prepared.  Multi-tasking is encouraged - basting while doing yoga on the table!  Again - whatever works, right?

Everybody pitches in - Eladia, Aida and Kathy were binding a beautiful quilt Kathy made using Bella Solids.  Ducky has the magic touch when it comes to making things look beautiful, and Jamie and Tammy are pin-basting a quilt that Tammy is - as I write this - machine-quilting.  While it wasn't absolutely needed, she worked overtime to get it done so we'd have extra options to show at Schoolhouse.

All those boxes - that's just what gets shipped "last minute".  At least five big crates were packed and shipped last week.

It's not just the folks here who are busy, this is some of what the designers have been showing on Instagram and their blogs.


Row 1: Me & My Sister Designs - Barb & Mary | Primitive Gatherings - Lisa Bongean | Corey Yoder - Coriander Quilts | Fig Tree & Co. - Joanna Figueroa

Row 2: A Quilting Life - Sherri & Chelsi | Lella Boutique - Vanessa Goertzen | Shannon Orr | Thimbleblossoms - Camille Roskelley

Row 3: Laundry Basket Quilts - Edyta Sitar | Shannon Orr | Minick & Simpson - Polly & Laurie | French General - Kaari Meng

Row 4: Dreamy Quilts - Lydia Nelson | Janet Clare | Jan Patek | Franny & Jane - Frances Newcombe & Jane Davidson

Have a wonderful weekend - get some rest.

Next week is going to be busy.

Happy Friday!

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