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Daily planners...

Daily planners...

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Datebooks.  Calendars.  Planners.  Basically - a schedule.


This is the schedule for those of us heading to Quilt Market in Salt Lake City this week.

Monday: Last-minute packing of work and personal stuff.  Last-minute run-through of our work to-do lists for the week.  And last-minute run-throughs of what we need to get done before we head off for a week - mail holds, laundry, cleaning out refrigerators, etc.

At this point, everybody who is going just wants to get on the plane and get started.  And everybody who isn't going wants those going to just GO! They're ready for a little peace and quiet.

Tuesday: It's a travel day for the set-up crew - those folks who will be at the convention center on Wednesday morning to begin setting up the booth.

This time around, it's also the day when the new collections, quilts and cool stuff is presented to the Customer Service and other staff.  They'll be answering the most questions about everything in the days after Quilt Market so they're given the first look.

Wednesday:  Set-up - let the booth building begin.  Some designers arrive - more of the Moda Fabrics & United Notions personnel arrive.

Thursday:  Set-up continues - the rest of the designers arrive.  There is a Sales Meeting for the sales reps where the new collections, kits, products and designers are introduced.

Schoolhouse - it's Thursday.  More about that on Thursday and Friday.

Sample Spree is Thursday night.

Friday: At 9:30 am, an announcement is made declaring "Spring International Quilt Market 2016" is officially open.

Saturday & Sunday: Quilt Market continues.  Market ends on Sunday at 4:00 pm... though it's always surprising how many quilts start quietly, discreetly "falling" off walls and displays around 3:00.  Not at Moda, of course.  But elsewhere.

A little before 4:00, several people disappear to change into stretchy pants, t-shirts and comfortable shoes.  Take down takes a lot less time than set-up does but given that we're often at the mercy of when the crates are delivered to the booth, it can take a little under two hours or more than four hours.

Monday: The take-down crew heads back to Dallas.  And one or two other places - a few of the sales reps help with take-down.

Are you ready?

Happy Monday!

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