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This is about cookies!  (Though I do love the Maroon 5 song by that name too.)


Not the actual edible kind... though you're certainly welcome to have a few of those too.

This is about The Cookie Exchange - the newest Christmas collection from the Sweetwater girls -  Karla - Mom - and daughters, Lisa and Susan.  You know them for their wonderful fabrics and their adorably perfect little projects for the Label Club and Project Sweetwater.

This is Christmas in the Village by Sweetwater Designs.


The Cookie Exchange is the wonderful follow-up to last year's terrific Holly's Tree Farm - if you should still have any of that stashed away, it will mix in really well with this collection.

This is Baker's Dozen Doubled by During Quiet Time's Amy Friend.


So why all the talk about cookies and The Cookie Exchange?  It's the featured collection for Frivol No. 10 - this little quilt is Sugar.


It measures 32" x 32".  The only additional fabric required is for the outer borders - 3/8 yard.  It's being quilted now - and just so you know, those "bumps" are the board, not the quilt.



From the polka dots to the text prints, it's quite wonderful, isn't it?

The Frivols' tin is also very cute - and very festive!  (Shhh... it's one of my favorites.)


Frivol No. 10 contains:

  • A roll of 42 squares - 7" x 7" from the The Cookie Exchange collection by Sweetwater Designs ~ there are duplicates of several prints.
  • The pattern for the quilt we've titled "Sugar"
  • 1 Maker block card with a block pattern and a quotation provided by Lisa - and Karla and Susan
  • Six exclusive recipe cards - if your tin is missing any cards... it wasn't me.


Maybe you could use this recipe from Lisa, Susan and Karla - this recipe was their contribution to the Holiday catalog.


Maker Blocks. 


We're catching up with our sampler blocks and trying to work a little bit ahead - ten blocks down and two to go.  Then it's settings and quilting.  At least that's the plan.

There are quite a few Frivols in-the-works projects popping up on Instagram - #modafrivols.


Finally, this was a basket full of little triangle zipper bags made with assorted Sweetwater collections I spied on the Sweetwater Instagram.  It was too cute not to share.  (I made a batch of these little zipper bags last year - you can use them for an impromptu Advent "calendar" or as last-minute gifts for your friends.)


Have a wonderful weekend... and rest up.

Next week is Spring International Quilt Market - we're off to Salt Lake City.