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Snooping around...

Snooping around...

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Since it's available to anyone who looks, and it's labeled as "free"... it's not really snooping.  Yes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


We've been adding things to the blog and website in the past month and since I was getting caught up on what's there and where to find everything, I thought I would share.

At the top of this page, right under the top banner is a tab - Fun & Free.  Have you ever clicked it to see what's there?


There are over 100 patterns and project sheets available.  They're not in alphabetical order - its chronological order, the most recent additions are always first.  The Spellbound and Mixed Bag collections shipped to stores in recent weeks.  From pincushions to bags, easy quilts to slightly-more-complicated patterns are included.


The super-awesome door hangers - they're here.  So are the cute little treat boxes that fit mini charms.  Note cards and tags.  Moda's how-did-I-live-without-this Project Tracker.


This is one of my favorite categories - it's like a reference book.  I admit it... I used to download the PDFs and keep them on my computer.  Except I would put them in a "handy folder" - the every-popular "safe place".  You know the one I mean... the one you can never remember or find when you go looking for whatever it is you know you put there.  When I would print out the pages, I stored them the same way.  Now I just go to this tab because it's always in the same place.


I change mine frequently - since I look at my computer for hours and hours every day, I like having a pretty background... preferably one that still lets me see all my "safe place" folders, of course. Right now it's the green "rotary mat with the cutter".  But I think I'm going to change it... I'll let you know what I decide.


And the Cake Mix tab.  The first thing you'll see is our 3-minute video - how to bake a Cake Mix quilt using our Cake Mix triangle paper.  It's snappy.

We first shared the video when we introduced the Cake Mixes - We've got cake...

It's also where you'll find the Recipes for the Cake Mix quilts we've made so far.


There are more coming - maybe as soon as next week.  Recipes for Cake Mix 4 are on there - I couldn't fit them in the picture.  But they're there - four of them.

As for other snooping around... there are a few sneak-peeks coming next week.  The March - pre-Market - catalog is nearing completion and there is new fabric arriving almost every day.  Let it suffice to say that we're frolic-ing by the creekside, enjoying the merry go round with Savannah and Ann.  It's an authentic experience, made timeless by enjoying the good life.  We have compassion for the fragile quills we're finding in a hollow near Bloomsbury.

I know.  That makes no sense at all... but it will.  Or maybe not.

Happy Friday!  I hope you have a lovely weekend doing something pleasurable.

Or making something wonderful.


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