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Blockheads ~ Block 24

Blockheads ~ Block 24

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Half-way. Mid-way. How about a Super Midway?

[Image from KERA and their story about the 2016 State Fair of Texas.]

I know, this is an entirely different kind of midway but the State Fair of Texas is coming next month - September 29th - and this kind is a whole lot of fun.  Have you been to a fair this summer?

As for the Blockheads mid-way, it's Block 24.  Once you've made this block, you're at the midway point.  (Provided you've made the other 23 blocks, of course.)

This week's block can be two fabrics, three fabrics or seventeen.

The dark print in Tammy's block is from Thistle Farm by Kansas Troubles, and the lights are all from Miniature Gatherings Backgrounds by Primitive Gatherings.

Or more.

For our Fig Tree & Co. block, it’s as scrappy as it can get. The fabrics are from the Farmhouse and Chestnut Street collections by Fig Tree & Co., and the background is from the “coming any day now” Ann's Arbor by Minick & Simpson.

This block includes fabrics from Snowberry by 3 Sisters, Alice's Scrapbag by Barbara Brackman, Rachel Remembered by Betsy Chutchian and Independence Trail by Minick & Simpson. And a few other blues that I’m not sure of the collection.  The background is from Snowberry and the yellow print is from Chateau Rouge by French General.

CLICK HERE for the link to Block 24 - Corn, No Beans.

Question of the Week ~ While we all have many, many rulers... which ruler - size and brand - do I reach for most?  (As in, I probably have multiples and at least one spare stashed.) 

I have to clarify… what is it that I’m cutting?

If it’s something small, then it’s a 4-1/2” x 4-1/2” Olfa Frosted ruler. If it’s almost anything else, it’s a 6” x 12” Olfa Frosted ruler.  I use the 6” x 24” for cutting yardage and strips from fat quarters and fat eighths, and the 6-1/2” x 6-1/2” ruler for anything square that’s bigger than 4-1/2”.

So as usual, my answer is "it depends".  (I know, you're shocked.)

Yes, I have multiples on my cutting table as the rulers have a nasty habit of finding their way under piles of “stuff”. And I frequently have one I’ve left by my sewing machine. (Rulers make excellent “trays” for carrying stacks of little pieces from the cutting table to the sewing machine.)

Just in case you missed it - CLICK HERE for the link to Block 24 - Corn, No Beans.

Don't forget that there is a Blockheads Archive with links to all of the published blocks and blog posts.

That's it for today, August 16.  Be sure to visit Lisa, Jo, Lynne, Betsy and Jan to see their blocks and what other good things they might have made:

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Happy Blockhead Wednesday!