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Checking my list...

Checking my list...

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Are you checking your list?  National - International! - Sew A Jelly Roll Day is in a month and if you don't have a plan, it's time to get one!

Spools 2 by Camille Roskelley of Thimbleblossoms - made with Bonnie & Camille's "coming to a shop new you any day now" collection, The Good Life.  It's a Jelly Roll pattern.  This would be a good plan.

September 16th.  Saturday.  All day.  Have you marked the date on your calendar?  That's the first thing to get done.

Wait!  There are other things to do first.  I know... this is the best part.  But we need to get a plan first!

Before we start worrying about fabric, patterns and snacks, are you going to sew at a shop, with your guild, with friends or by yourself?  If you want to find a participating shop, there is a list here - NSAJRD Shop Locator.

Did you now there's a website - Project Jelly Roll?

If you don't have a shop in your area, you can arrange for a sew-in with some of your jelly-rolling friends!

To help you plan, we've created an Event Planning Checklist for Participants!  (Please note that snacks is as important a topic as fabric, patterns, sewing machines and supplies!)

Click Here for the Event Planning Checklist for Participants.

Because there will be fun-and-games involved whether you're at a shop, sewing with friends or joining us for some online fun, there are a few Jelly Roll facts that it would be useful to know... just in case it should come up.

This is Kith & Kin by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique, a Jelly Roll quilt made with her upcoming Farmer's Daughter collection.  (It will be in shops in October.)

So here are a few Jelly rolls facts to know:

  • The first Jelly Roll - or collection of 2-1/2" pre-cut strips - was born in Dallas, Texas in September of 2006.  (It has been a registered trademark of Moda Fabrics for many years.)
  • A Jelly Roll contains 40 strips measuring 2-1/2" x 45".  (Jelly Rolls are offered for most Moda collections but not all.  They are also available in a range of Bella Solids and Grunge.)
  • Junior Jelly Rolls have 20 strips measuring 2-1/2" x 45".  They are most commonly available for smaller collections and for Basics like Bella Solids and Grunge.
  • There are approximately 140 feet of fabric in a Jelly Roll.
  • It takes just under 38 Jelly Rolls to make a mile of fabric.

[Shhh... new collections that are showing to shops.  More later.  Soon.]

Tips for working and sewing with Jelly Rolls:

  • Use a lint brush or roller over the raw-edge sides of the Jelly Roll before unwrapping it to minimize the fluffy lint that will otherwise cover everything!
  • Iron the strips flat before sewing - especially the fold!
  • Use a bit of steam - as in GET STEAMED!  Steam helps realign the fibers, and they will relax and lose the curl that is left after they've been rolled so tightly for a little while.
  • Save leftover Jelly Roll strips for scrappy binding and string quilts.
  • Seam allowance - pick a point where you're going to line up the edge of the jelly roll strip and stay consistent!  Measure the width of your strip sets before you cross-cut strips, squares, sashings or other adjoining pieces.

There is more to share so get ready... we've got one month!

Oh! And if you're on Instagram and you love Jelly Rolls, post a picture of your favorite Jelly Roll, Jelly Roll pattern or Jelly Roll quilt and use the hashtag #projectjellyroll by midnight on Sunday... somebody is going to get a headstart on a National Sew A Jelly Roll Day project.

Happy Friday!