Block Heads 2 - Blocks 21 & 22

Block Heads 2 - Blocks 21 & 22

Written by: 
Carrie Nelson

It's official - it's Autumn!  Maybe someplace... but not in Dallas.  Not yet.  But Happy Fall anyway.  

Jack O'Lanterns from Kathy Schmitz' Stitches From The Harvest

So... have you gotten a pumpkin yet?  Baked something with apples?  Candy corn?  Have you made any "gorp"?  (Candy corn, salted peanuts, M&Ms and dried cranberries or raisins.) 

What about a Pumpkin Spice Latte?  (Me either... not my favorite.)

I ask because that is Laurie Simpson's most favorite thing about this time of year - pumpkin and pumpkin-spice everything.  Everywhere.  Uh... not.  Like me, she's not a fan.  She's just funnier about it.  

Laurie!  And Jan Patek!  They are today's Block Heads.  This is one of my favorite "Jan blocks".  It's an element she's used in quilts for many years, and it always looks original, new and cool.  

Today's blocks were made by Moda Michele - again.  (See below.)

Block 21 - Circle and Star

Wool appliqué on a needs-to-be-trimmed-down circle!  How pretty is that stitching? 

Block 22 - Economy Path (Should that be Plus Sign?)

The fabrics are from Jo Morton's Timeless.  Michele's combination is terrific.

Correction: 32 rectangles are needed for this block - not 8.  The 8 is for each mini-plus sign.  

So this week's blocks are:

Block 21 - Circle and Star

Block 22 - Economy Path

Remember... if the blogs aren't up or the links aren't working, check the Moda Block Heads 2 Archive.  Because if you're reading this, it's already been updated and it will have what you're looking for.

Moving.  I'm unpacked but there are still a few boxes in the storage closet.  (Few?!?  Relative term.)  I am mostly settled but I still haven't found a few things... I'll manage until they turn up.  The move was from Plano to Irving, into a new apartment that is just a tiny bit bigger, and has faux wood floors throughout.  One of the things I'm enjoying most is learning a new part of town, and learning my way around with "new" roads and highways.  Sewing soon - probably for Market!    

Did I mention that there is a Block Heads book coming with all forty-eight blocks from Year 1?  We'll share more soon - including a giveaway or three - but this is Betsy Chutchian's finished quilt from BH1.  

To see what the other Block Heads have done with these blocks, check out their blogs and Instagrams:

Then be sure to check the Moda Blockheads Facebook Group and the blocks being posted on Instagram – #ModaBlockheads

That's it for Week 17 of the Block Heads 2.

Happy Wednesday!