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Building Blocks: Half Square Triangles

Building Blocks: Half Square Triangles

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Mona Phelps

Hi fellow bakers! This is Mona from Kentucky Whittaker Creations. I'm glad to be back on Moda Bake Shop to share a fun technique with you.

I am not a fan of cutting individual pieces for a project. It never fails - I end up measuring incorrectly or my ruler slips or something else happens. I end up getting frustrated - and then sewing isn't fun anymore! Because sewing is my sanity-saver and I want to enjoy what I'm doing, I'm always on the look out for new techniques to make cutting easier. This is one of those techniques!

Let's make some half square triangles!

This technique will allow you to make 8 half square triangles (HSTs) at a time - 4 1/2" each (4" finished size)

2 - Layer Cake® Squares (10" x 10")

Place 2 Layer Cake® Squares together (right sides together)

Draw a line on both diagonals on the top layer

Sew 1/4" on both sides of each diagonal (Note - you may choose to pin your layer cake squares together)

Now comes the "magic" - the cutting part. Do your best to not move your layer cake squares. If you have a rotating cutting mat, it will come in handy; however, it's not required!

Cut along each diagonal (the lines you drew previously)

Next, cut across the width of the layer cake - side to side and top to bottom (assuming that your layer cake is 10" square, this will be at the 5" mark)

You should now have 8 individual pieces.

Press to the dark side and trim your HST's to 4 1/2".

How easy is that?

Using this technique, you will be able to make 4 1/2" half square triangles - 8 at a time! So much easier than cutting out all of the individual pieces and sewing them together one at a time!

Thanks for reading along. Please follow me on Instagram to keep up with my latest projects.

Mona Phelps

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