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On your mark...

On your mark...

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One of my favorite things about going back to school - maybe my only favorite thing - was getting new school supplies. I still can't go into Target in August without a couple packs of pens and markers making their way into my basket. I know I'm not alone.

But when it comes to marking tools for quilting and sewing, it's a bit harder to get started with the right markers. Which ones do I need? What do some of the markers do?

While I was foraging looking for the perfect glue pen in the Notions warehouse, I found my latest purchase, the Sewline Starter Kit for Quilting. There is also a Sewline Starter Kit for Sewing.

I confess to having ripped open the quilting bag before I took a proper picture of it. And of course I had to open all the packages and examine each tool.

This is what's included:

  • Fabric Pencil Eraser.  Simply rub off your pencil marks with the eraser. For use in conjunction with the Sewline Pencil - refills are available.
  • White Fabric Mechanical Pencil. Mechanical fabric pencil with Ceramic leads gives clear, clean lines that are easily removed with attached eraser or damp cloth. It is comfortable to use and there are refills for the lead and eraser.
  • Duo Fine Fabric Marker and Eraser. The Duo Marker and Eraser is perfect for marking on fabric, and then removing the marks. The special Polyether point has a fine point for no-bleed marks on cotton quilting fabrics. It has a large ink resevoir so it lasts a fairly long time. To cleanly remove ink lines, lightly guide the chisel point of the Eraser Pen along the line - but don't press down hard.
  • 5.5" Snippet Scissors.  Snippet 5-1/2" scissors can be used right- or left-handed. Fine tapered point, stays sharp, cuts cleanly without forcing. Soft feel grip for comfort, control and cutting ease. Advanced technology steel alloy blades. (A girl can never have too many pairs of scissors.)
  • Styla Water Erasable Roller Pen. This marking pen glides beautifully across fabrics without snagging or fraying.  It draws a fine, smooth, even line with the ceramic .8mm roller ball precision polished to roll smoothly. The blue ink flows evenly and it the Sewline Aqua Eraser can be used to remove the lines.  Refills are available.
  • Aqua Eraser Pen. Removing marking lines from fabric can be a problem, especially without damaging the fabric. The Aqua Eraser pen has a reservoir that is filled with water or a water-detergent mix. Finger pressure on the soft grip dampens the special soft fiber point. By lightly dabbing or running this point along the line or mark, the point absorbs the pencil or water-based ink mark.
  • Stayer Permanent Brown Marker The Stayer Permanent Marker has a .5 fine point black tip that is perfect for marking on fabric, and for tracing stencils or patterns. It is quick drying with no bleed or smudge.
  • Fabric Glue Pen. This clever glue stick means the end of sewing around pins! Water-soluble glue that dries clear. A quick, convenient way to hold fabrics for sewing or positioning pieces. Blue glue dries clear. Includes 1 refill glue tube. Acid-Free.  Glue also available in Pink and Yellow.

I didn't think I used sewing markers much until I started collecting what I had accumulated in my sewing room. I know a few of the tools are adequate but not great - a good glue pen is with a smaller "tip" really does work better than the school glue pens for most of what I do.

The starter sets also have a terrific instruction booklet that identifies each marker, it's purpose and how it's used.

If you're wondering what I'm going to be doing with a couple of these tools... stay tuned. I've got a couple of small projects in the works that required a marker, an eraser, a glue pen, etc.

One project includes buttonholes.

How scary a thought is that?

Happy Tuesday!

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