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A Day in Paris...

A Day in Paris...

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From Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic... Hands down – Paris is one of the most glamorous metropolises on the world. The way French women achieve this elegant and stylish look with a graceful easiness will forever be a mystery. Who wouldn’t love to spend a day in Paris?

I for sure would! I would stroll through the city, buy myself an exquisite perfume, walk on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, visit the modern art Centre du Pompidou, sit in a nice street café afterwards and enjoy a cup of coffee and a croissant.

Inspired by the Parisian Chic I pulled together an unusual color scheme for my newest collection: Combining navy blue and graphite sounds a bit dull, doesn’t it? But add soft, pale pink for a feminine touch and golden sparkles for glamour, bring in lightness with aqua, white and chartreuse and spice it up with a grassy green – and you have it: that elegant look, soft and stylish at the same time.

Day in Paris has some large-scale florals…

...some mid-scale geometrics

… and some blenders, which fit in with many other lines.

With these colors and prints in mind, these are the quilts I designed for the collection. While I like mixing all the prints and colors, the modern quilts I prefer often have a limited color palette, using fat eighths or fat quarters.

What about pulling out only the greens, whites, greys and graphites and make the well-known x & + quilt?

X and Plus. Eighteen fat quarters and yardage for some background and the borders. X and Plus is a bed-sized quilt at 83" x 83".

Or take the aquas and greens, make some traditional stars with simple half-square-triangles and let them fade away into an indigo background with an asymmetrical setting.

This is Faded. Select thirteen fat eighths and yardage of Bella Solid in Indigo (9900 218). You might be surprised but this is a Beginner Level quilt - as it's made entirely with half-triangle squares.

(Isn't this quilting beautiful? Did you know that Brigitte does her own machine-quilting?)

On the Faded pattern, Brigitte writes... Stitch a velvety night sky of twinkling and fading stars from an assortment of rich colors against a deep blue background. The unusual setting makes a stunning modern quilt.

Do you have a Layer Cake?

Perfect! Here are two suggestions: Play with machine appliquéd half circles.

Bowls is made with one Day In Paris Layer Cake and 2.75 yards of Spotted in White (1660-11) for the background. It finishes at 55" x 55".

Or let improvisational snippets swarm around a modern text block.

Let's Fly is also made with one Day In Paris Layer Cake. But this time it's paired with .25 yard of Bella Solid in Indigo (9900 218) for the text and 3.25 yards of Bella Solid in Zen Grey (9900 125) for background.

There's more to show you soon... there are new colors coming for Spotted.

And with Spring Market coming next month, there will be a new print collection to share and new patterns.

As for Day In Paris, it will be arriving in shops next week.


All images used with permission of Brigitte Heitland.