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Spring Market 2019 - Part 2

Spring Market 2019 - Part 2

Written by: 
Carrie Nelson

Get a cup of coffee or a cuppa of tea. Sit. Get comfortable. There's still plenty to share from this month's Spring Market in Kansas City. (Today is the last day I can write that.)

Mr. Dunn is ready. This picture was taken Thursday, the day before Market started. He was getting his "gear" in order so he'd be ready for his meetings. As is often the case, he was smiling and willing to indulge me snapping a quick picture. (I don't think he's ever taken a bad picture.)

I didn't get a chance to share this last time - the World's Largest Color Card. It measured 8' tall and a little over 20' long, and the fabric swatches were real. (Are real - we still have the color card!)

So here is the other side of the Moda booth - more designers and their new collections, quilts and goodies.

I was going to start at the far end and work forward but I have a couple of favorite pictures that make a lovely end to this... so I'm going to start on the right. Or behind me. (My back was towards the main center aisle for this picture.)

Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles Quilters.

Lynne's new collection is Milestones, celebrating her twenty years with Moda. She has a beautiful Block of the Month - it's titled 20 Years of KTQ. (That's it on the left.) Each month will include additional, related projects - it's going to be so good. Milestones will be in shops in October 2019.

How cute are these? Lynne made them using spools of Aurifil thread.

Pieces to Treasure - Jenelle Kent. She's amazing when it comes to ideas for using toweling. Yes. Toweling! Every project in this booth is made with her Picnic Point Toweling collection - including the Star quilt. (That pattern is coming soon.)

Bags. Appliqué. Pillows. Baskets. If it can be made with fabric, Jenelle is probably making it cooler with toweling. Jenelle will have new toweling designs this Fall.

The Ruby Star Society was there, right next to Jenelle and Lynne.

They debuted five new collections - Cotton Linen Canvas 2019, Lindley Lawn 2019, Aviary, Darlings and Speckled. The new collections will be available in October and November.

I don't know about you but suddenly... I need a new ironing board. One that fits my new, coming-in-August ironing board cover. Just saying.

Now let's get to the Designer Studio Row - and Stacy Iest Hsu.

Stacy was showing her terrific Safari Life collection and debuting Cut. Sew. Create. It's a program designed to teach kids to sew with a series of skill-building projects.

Cut. Sew. Create is coming in November and look for Safari Life in August.

The waiting is going to be hard.

Explore by Deb Strain. Canoes. Oars. A classic "woody" station wagon. Deb and her family love spending time outdoors, hiking, canoeing and simply relaxing surrounded by nature. The collection features a panel print of Deb's hand-painted images that Barb of Coach House Designs has been turned into a terrific quilt titled "The Great Outdoors." It will be a Moda Kit.

Home by Kathy Schmitz. Slate, Oat and Cream. Kathy's exquisite hand-drawn images are used for a panel, and for text and allover prints. The "home" theme is carried through several quilts, including My Hometown - a pattern and a Moda kit.

My favorite is Eastmoreland...

Measuring 16" x 20", Kathy made this "crazy quilt" house quilt and stretched it onto a frame to make a wall-hanging. It's made with two Home Mini Charm Packs and a whole lot of embroidery. (Of everything I saw at Market, this really was my favorite piece.)

Sandy Klop - aka American Jane - and Bubble Pop! The quilts are Diamonds Roll, Showers to Flowers, Pinwheel Pop, Block Pop and Fuzzy Logic.

And Button Pop. Look for Bubble Pop! in August.

Glorious color. Beautiful large-scale prints. Robin Pickens, of course. And Painted Meadow, her coming-in-October collection. The quilts are Picket Spray, Beanstalk and Kyoto Steps.

Do you see that little bit of a calendar tea towel in the lower right corner? Robin designed one of the two Moda 2020 Calendar Tea Towels - this one is titled Robin. Stacie of Gingiber designed the other towel.

This is Botanica by Crystal Manning - 32 prints on quilting-weight cotton and 8 prints on Rayon. While Crystal is a quilter, she was a garment-sewist first so she paints and draws designs that work for dresses, skirts and tops.

The dress shown is a Closet Case pattern - the Charlie Caftan.

I wouldn't mind seeing an array of color like this in my closet.

Breeze by Zen Chic - Brigitte Heitland. This is Stitched Denim - it's made with one Breeze Charm Pack and Moda's Chambray in Royal. (My favorite color-shade - No. 12051 14!)

These are more Breeze projects - clockwise from upper-left - London Blues, Blue Labyrinth, Brigitte's Flying Geese block (more about that soon), Groovin' and a super-cute pillow made with scraps. Look for this lovely Breeze in November.

Bramble by Stacie Bloomfield - Gingiber. Building on the Black and Cream of her signature collections, Stacie has added a pop of Red and a bit of Gray. The result is a look that is modern and comfortable - I think the critters help with that. Hedgehogs, squirrels, raccoons and a few deer are part of this Bramble.

The quilts are Bramble Mini, Logs, Spirals and Motifs.

How cute are these Hedgehog pillows? Stacie made these and I'm hoping she'll have a pattern we can share.

Brenda Riddle and Finnegan. As always, being surrounded by Brenda's fabrics and quilts is like being in a beautiful garden filled with flowers. The quilts are from left to right - Cobblestones, Lizzie Beth and Fairwinds. HOME is an 10" x 28" applique or 5" x 7" embroidery design. Look for Finnegan in August.

Good Day! from Me & My Sister Designs - Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson. They were busy showing how to use their Double Wide Dresden Ruler and it's brand-new cousin, the Double Wide 4-Patch Dresden Ruler. The quilt on the wall is Corsage - fast, easy and simple, it's made with Fat Eighths. Good Day! will be in shops in July.

Sarah's Story - inspired by Sarah Josepha Hale - is Betsy Chutchian's new collection. (Look for it in November.) . The quilts are - top to bottom on the left - Sarah's Little Stars, Melange and Thanksgiving. On the right is Quincy Market.

Flowers made with 5" charm squares. I think a tutorial is required.

Our sweet Jan Patek was at Market but as she didn't have a new collection, she made quilts using the fabrics from her good friend and neighbor, Betsy. Clockwise from the upper-left, the quilts are Winter Wonderland, Grandma's House, Over the River and Angel Tablerunner.

Jan also brought a very special quilt to Market - hand-appliquéd and pieced in her signature style, made using some of the many fabrics she's designed for Moda over the years.

After twenty years of working with Mr. Dunn - Jan calls him Mark - this beautiful quilt was Jan's way of saying "thank you."

This is my most favorite picture from Spring Market.

Happy Friday! Have a terrific weekend!