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Spotted... Brigitte & Color

Spotted... Brigitte & Color

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From Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic... The 2019 Spotted fabric line expands an already versatile line of basics from lovely to unbeatable because we've doubled the number of color options!

The first Spotted line was released in 2018 with a very bright range of colors. The 2019 additions to this line of fabrics incorporate more muted hues as in between colors. The new line also includes a number of gray and beige neutrals, which can work well even in more traditional quilt patterns.

The texture of these fabrics is very versatile. They often take the place of a solid in a pattern, but their spots and speckles of varied lighter and darker hues give them a richer depth than a true solid.

Spotted is a basic fabric line with ongoing availability, which makes it a great choice for year-round stock. The addition of the new 2019 colors fills out this line beautifully. They make great combining fabrics and can be paired with a variety of styles and prints, from traditional to modern. They also have enough depth and color to stand on their own as you can see in my new patterns.

My new pattern booklets, Basic Flip It and Basic Log Cabin, available through Moda, showcase the Spotted line in addition to my other basic line of neutrals Modern Backgrounds More Paper, which also enjoys ongoing availability.

This collection, and these pattern booklets, can be the inspiration for beginning quilters to start seeing options within beginning level patterns. They're also ideally suited to those of us who love to just play with color.

You know how disappointed we get when the fabric shown in the pattern is not available to purchase! That includes me!

That's why I wanted to create quilts and patterns that would be shown with the Spotted and More Paper collections - as Basics, these fabrics are always available. (I also like knowing I can continue to use my go-to colors and textures for new quilts.)

What makes a good beginner pattern? They're simple and each booklet uses only one block design. While that might sound boring, that's not even close! Each booklet includes five different projects from a bed-size quilt to an eye-catching table runner. I tried to photograph each quilt and project to spark your imagination so you'd see the endless possibilities that can be achieved with one simple block and an assortment of basic fabrics.

So what is your favorite color? Or color palette?

I've been using blue and aqua quite a bit lately and as much as I love it... I feel a bit of a change coming.

Quick Facts on my Spotted:

I'll be back soon to share Breeze.