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We Be Bunting!

We Be Bunting!

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Bunting triangles made from Layer Cake and Charm Squares? We're all in for that!

We shared pictures a few pictures of the pieces being made before Market - teasers of what was to come.

Bunting had been planned but when we heard of a Bunting Tool that Jen Kingwell had in the works, we asked for a sample-prototype. (Begging might have been involved.) . The tool arrived and the ability to cut accurate, consistent pieces quickly made us fans of Jen's tool. Template.

The Charm Square tool nests within the Layer Cake-sized tool - genius and efficient!

Cutting multiple layers is easily done, especially if Template Grips are used. For obvious reasons, we're quite fond of Jen's Grips.

Because there is enough being cut off to do something with, we have two options for cutting.

A long first cut yields a triangle that can be used to make large half-triangle rectangle units.

Or cut two smaller triangles for smaller HTR units and a square measuring approx. 3" x 3".

The assembly process is simple:

  • Fold triangle with right sides together.
  • Starting at the top edge, stitch a 1/4" seam allowance down to the point - backstitch is optional.
  • Trim point.
  • Turn banner right-side-out - gently push out point using a point-turning tool. (Options listed below)
  • Press. (How easy is that?)

Optional - I found that pressing the seam flat before pressing it to the side was an easy way to press the seam smoothly.

Make lots of bunting triangles.

Make the bias tape for the top edge - or use a twill tape or ribbon. We used the Boro Twill Tape for the Market bunting. Remember to make-cut a length long enough to include the desired finished length with bunting triangles plus at least 18" to 24" to attach the length of bunting. (That's 9" to 12" on each end.)

Place the bunting banners on open ribbon or bias tape with the top edge in the middle. The placement between the bunting can be varied based on the desired look, the length needed, the bunting triangles made, etc.

A glue stick works well to keep the bunting in place, and utility clips can hold the tape-ribbon closed for stitching. Basting is an option.

Top-stitch to finish. An optional line of top-stitching can be added at the top.

Each length of bunting can be made with a single size bunting triangle, or with mixed sizes.

There are several options that can help with making the bunting:

Options - The scraps left from cutting the bunting can be used to make other units.  

Layer Cake Bunting Tool scraps.  The scraps left from cutting the bunting piece can be used to make half-rectangle triangle units that are trimmed to size using the Bloc-Loc 3:1 Ruler.  

Charm Pack Bunting Tool scraps.  These are some small scraps but they’re big enough to cut thimble or tumbler pieces.    

Charm Pack Cutting and bunting - the little buntings are simply too cute for words. (Unless the words are "totes adorbs.")

It's entirely possible that someone's sewing room is now festooned with charm square bunting. Just saying.

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