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April Rosenthal

April Rosenthal

April Rosenthal was born long enough ago that she remembers the first computer coming to her school, but recently enough that she’s not responsible for her fashion choices in the 80s. She grew up in a mid-size town, and married her high school sweetheart. Together, they have 6-year-old twins.

April started sewing as a young girl, and hasn’t stopped since. From Barbie clothes, to patchwork pants, and pencil pouches to quilts, her sewing hobby has taken her many places. She spends myriad hours in her quiet studio creating original quilts and patterns for her company, Prairie Grass Patterns, and is delighted to be a designer for Moda Fabrics. Her designs are published regularly in magazines, and have also been included in several collaborative books. She is currently working on her first book, to be published Fall 2014 with Lucky Spool.

April gets excited about learning new things, teaching and inspiring others to improve their skills, and being healthy and present with her family. She believes in the power of great design and beautiful color palettes, and is hopelessly obsessed with the color orange.

Follow her creative pursuits on her studio blog at www.aprilrosenthal.com

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