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Blackbird Designs

Blackbird Designs

Barb and Alma wouldn’t want a home that didn’t have quilts on the beds, cross-stitched samplers on the walls, and hooked rugs on the floors. They love the color and texture that textiles bring to their homes. Watch out, because they are on a mission to see that your home has the same welcoming touch!

The ladies of Blackbird Designs have worked together for over 17 years, sharing their creative ideas with quilters and stitchers all over the world. They have published over 275 books and patterns and are two of the most popular teachers and designers in the needlework industry.

Kansas City is home to them both. Because they live on opposite sides of a city known for its urban sprawl, getting together is sometimes a challenge. Meeting halfway works well for them and they get to enjoy each other’s company over a glass of iced tea or, to quote Barb, “A fresh coke!”

The soft, faded colors seen in antique quilts are a delight to both and are reflected in the fabric they design for Moda Fabrics. Barb and Alma have designed for Moda for over 14 years and love being a part of such a creative company.

If you see a black van on the road filled with quilts, props and antiques, wave as you go by because it might just be Barb and Alma. Don’t follow too closely, though. You never know when they might slam on the brakes because they’ve seen an antique shop. It’s a sure bet that they are going to stop and see what they can find!

We are saddened to share that Barb Adams passed away on July 4 after a fight with esophageal cancer.  Known to many as one half of the team behind Blackbird Designs, Barb joined with Alma Allen in 1998 to share their creative talents with the world.  Together they have created 32 fabric lines, and countless cross-stitch and quilt patterns.  Kind and compassionate, Barb was a friend like no other, not only to her Blackbird partner Alma, but to all in the sewing and quilting community.  It is bittersweet to share the collection that signaled a return to fabric design for Barb and Alma.  Threads That Bind was inspired by their love for stitching and quilting, and the deep friendship binding them together.  Our Moda family will miss her deeply.

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