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Kate Spain

Kate Spain

Kate Spain has carried a sketchbook since she was a child. She eventually drew her way to the Rhode Island School of Design where she earned a BFA in Graphic Design. It was there that she began to refine her visual voice through drawing, painting, photography, printmaking and graphic art. Since her school days, she has worked to develop and expand her unique style through experimentation, travel, and by always keeping her sense of wonder. 
Kate’s designs have been featured on products at Crate and Barrel, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Frontgate, Target, and other leading retailers. Her designs can be found on many home décor products, from handmade rugs to pillows, bedding, and kitchen textiles.
Kate writes… “I am so happy to create collections exclusively for Moda and to share them with you and other quilters and crafters around the world. I’m an avid gardener and much of my inspiration can be found in Nature – an unlikely color combination that catches my eye, close-up views of flowers and foliage, or in the random patterns and compositions that create rhythm in the landscape. In my studio, I try to translate these natural inspirations into artwork. No matter where I begin my design process, I always end up in a new place. It truly is an adventure that I’m excited to embark on again and again. I hope you enjoy where your creativity and wonder take you, too!”
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Style Collection Name Swatch Page JPG Images Free Pattern In Stores
Style Tango fcc_tango.pdf jpg_tango.zip 2024.09
Style Sunflowers In My Heart fcc_sunflowers-in-my-heart.pdf jpg_sunflowers-in-my-heart.zip 2023.09
Style Felicity Batiks fcc_felicity-batiks.pdf jpg_felicity-batiks.zip 2021.07
Style Confection Batiks fcc_confection-batiks.pdf jpg_confection-batiks.zip 2021.02
Christmas Aurora 2019/fcc_aurora.pdf 2019/jpg_aurora.zip 2019.06
Style Calypso Batiks 2019/fcc_calypso-batiks.pdf 2019/jpg_calypso-batiks.zip 2019.02
Style Bungalow 2018/fcc_bungalow.pdf 2018/jpg_bungalow.zip 2018.04
Metro Longitude Batiks 2018/fcc_Longitude-Batiks.pdf 2018/jpg_longitude-batiks.zip 2018.02
Metro Voyage 2017/fcc_voyage.pdf 2017/jpg_voyage.zip 2017.11
Christmas Merry Merry 2017/fcc_merry-merry.pdf 2017/jpg_merry-merry.zip 2017.06
Style Early Bird 2017/fcc_early-bird.pdf 2017/jpg_early-bird.zip 2017.03
Metro Grand Canal 2016/fcc_grand-canal.pdf 2016/jpg_grand-canal.zip 2016.10
Style Latitude Batiks 2016/fcc_latitude-batiks.pdf 2016/jpg_latitude-batiks.zip 2016/fp_latitude-batiks.pdf 2016.08
Christmas North Woods 2016/fcc_north-woods.pdf 2016/jpg_north-woods.zip 2016.06
Metro Aria Batiks 2016/fcc_aria.pdf 2016/jpg_aria.zip 2016.02
Style Canyon 2015/fcc_canyon.pdf 2015/jpg_canyon.zip 2015.10
Christmas Jingle 2015/fcc_jingle.pdf 2015/jpg_jingle.zip 2015.06
Style Paradiso 2015/fcc_paradiso.pdf 2015/jpg_paradiso.zip 2015.03
Style Horizon 2014/fcc-horizon.pdf 2014/jpg_horizon.zip 2014/fp_horizon.pdf 2014.09
Christmas Solstice 2014/fcc_solstice.pdf 2014/jpg_solstice.zip 2014/fp_solstice.pdf 2014.05
Metro Daydream 2014/fcc_daydream.pdf 2014/jpg_daydream.zip 2014/fp_daydream.pdf 2014.02
Metro Sunnyside fcc_sunnyside-KS.pdf jpg_sunnyside-KS.zip 2013/fp_sunnyside.pdf 2013.09
Christmas In from the Cold 2013/fcc_in_from_the_cold.pdf 2013/jpg_in-from-the-cold.zip 2013/fp_in-from-the-cold.pdf 2013.06
Metro Honey Honey 2013/fcc_honey_honey.pdf 2013/jpg_honey-honey.zip 2013/fp_honey-honey.pdf 2013.01
Metro Cuzco 2012/fcc_cuzco.pdf 2012/jpg_cuzco.zip 2012/fp_cuzco.pdf 2012.10
Christmas Joy 2012/fcc_joy.pdf 2012/jpg_joy.zip 2012/fp_joy.pdf 2012.06
Metro Serenade - Fall 2012/fcc_serenade.pdf 2012/jpg_serenade.zip 2012/fp_serenade.pdf 2012.05
Metro Good Fortune 2012/fcc_good_fortune.pdf 2012/jpg_good-fortune.zip 2012/fp_good-fortune.pdf 2012.01
Metro Terrain 2011/fcc_terrain.pdf 2011/jpg_terrain.zip 2011/fp_terrain.pdf 2011.09
Christmas Flurry 2011/fcc_Flurry.pdf 2011/jpg_flurry.zip 2011/fp_flurry.pdf 2011.05
Metro Central Park 2011/fcc_Central_Park.pdf 2011/jpg_central-park.zip 2011/fp_central-park.pdf 2011.01
Metro Fandango 2010/fcc_fandango.pdf 2010/jpg_fandango.zip 2010/fp_fandango.pdf 2010.08
Style 12 Days of Christmas 2010/fcc_12_Days_of_Christmas.pdf 2010/jpg_12-days-of-christmas.zip 2010/fp_12-days-of-christmas.pdf 2010.05
Metro Verna 2010/fcc_Verna.pdf 2010/jpg_verna.zip 2010/fp_verna.pdf 2010.02