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Block Heads 3 - Archive

Block Heads 3 - Archive

Written by: 
Carrie Nelson

Welcome to the Moda Block Heads - Round 3!

This is a listing of the blocks in this round.  We'll update this every week as new blocks are released.  The link to the Designer blog will be added on Wednesday, and the link to the block instructions will be added on Friday.

The blocks will be listed in reverse order - the newest blocks are first.  The layout options are after the blocks.

CT BH3 Block 42 Archive

Starburst by Joanna Figueroa

CT BH3 Block 41 Archive

Bachelor Buttons by Jen Kingwell

CT BH3 Block 40

Strings by Janet Clare - Block 40

BH3 Block 39 Mad About Plaid

Mad About Plaid by Robin Pickens - Block 39

BH3 Block 38 Archive

Fractured Rainbow by Stacy Iest Hsu - Block 38

BH3 Block 37 Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper by Vanessa Goertzen - Block 37

BH3 Block 36 Broken Dishes

Broken Dishes by Laurie Simpson - Block 36

BH3 Block 35 Coming Together

Coming Together by Lissa Alexander - Block 35

BH3 Block 34 Fulfillment

Fullfillment by Lisa Bongean - Block 34

BH3 Block 33 Alternate

Walking In Circles by Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic - Block 33

BH3 Block 32 Beeskep & Flower

Beeskep And Flower by Jan Patek - Block 32

BH3 Block 31 Basket Collector

Basket Collector by Betsy Chutchian - Block 31

BH3 Block 30 Love At Home

Love At Home by Sherri McConnell - Block 30

BH3 Block 29 Ring Around

Ring Around by Corey Yoder - Block 29

BH3 Block 28 Broken Dishes

Broken Dishes by Joanna Figueroa - Block 28

BH3 Block 27 The Proposal Jen Kingwell

The Proposal by Jen Kingwell - Block 27

BH3 Block 26 ZigZags Archive

ZigZags by Janet Clare - Block 26

BH3 Block 25 Corner Garden

Corner Garden by Robin Pickens - Block 25

BH3 Block 24 Be My Neighbor

Won't You Be My Neighbor by Stacy Iest Hsu - Block 24

BH3 Block 23 Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny by Vanessa Goertzen for Lella Boutique - Block 23

BH3 Block 22 Hen & Chicks

Hen & Chicks by Laurie Simpson - Block 22

BH3 Block 21 XOXO

XOXO by Lissa Alexander - Block 21

BH3 Block 20 Contribution

Contribution by Lisa Bongean - Block 20

BH3 Block 19 Compass Point

Compass Point by Brigitte Heitland - Block 19

BH3 Block 18 Bird And Urn

Bird And Urn by Jan Patek - Block 18

BH3 Block 17 Crossroads

Crossroads by Betsy Chutchian - Block 17

BH3 Block 16 Dream

Dream by Sherri McConnell - Block 16

BH3 Block 15 Starry Eyed

Starry Eyed by Corey Yoder - Block 15

BH3 Block 14 Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze by Joanna Figueroa - Block 14

BH3 Block 13 The Baldwin Archive

The Baldwin by Jen Kingwell - Block 13

BH3 Block 13 Hampshire Star

Hampshire Star by Janet Clare - Block 12

BH3 Block 11 Blooming Love

Blooming Love by Robin Pickens - Block No. 11

BH3 Block 10

Windmill by Stacy Iest Hsu - Block No. 10

BH3 Block 9 Taos

Taos by Vanessa Goertzen - Block No. 9

BH3 Block 3 Nine-Patch

Nine-Patch by Laurie Simpson - Block No. 8

BH3 Block 7 Zest

Zest by Lissa Alexander - Block No. 7

BH3 Block 6 Magic

Magic by Lisa Bongean - Block No. 6

BH3 Block 5 LOVE

LOVE by Brigitte Heitland - Block No. 5

BH3 Block 4 Birdhouse

Birdhouse by Jan Patek - Block No. 4

BH3 Block 3 Star And Crown

Crown and Star by Betsy Chutchian - Block No. 3

BH3 Block 2 Sunshine Star

Sunshine Star by Sherri McConnell - Block 2

BH3 Block 1 Star Chain

Star Chain by Corey Yoder - Block 1

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Frequently Asked Block Heads Questions

The list of Moda Designers for Block Heads 3 in the order of sharing blocks:

For ALL of the links to the patterns for Block Heads 2, Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique has the list - Moda Block Heads 2: The Finish Line.

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