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Book Club Friday-Red, White and Blue Stars

Book Club Friday-Red, White and Blue Stars

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Red, White, and Blue Star Quilts, 

16 Striking & Patriotic and 2-Color Quilts by Judy Martin


An excerpt from Judy Martin's bio page...

So far, she has published 1259 original block and quilt designs to add to the legacy of traditional-style quilts passed down from our quilting forebears. She is the author or subject of 167 magazine articles and 28 quilting books. Many of her books were considered the definitive books on their subjects at the time they were published. Judy is an authority on Log Cabin quilts, scrap quilts, pieced borders, star quilts, original block patterns, and quilt math. Other authors look to Judy Martin for inspiration. Her designs appear in no fewer than 46 books by other authors. She worked closely with Bonnie Leman as an editor at Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine and Quiltmaker from 1979–to 1987. Since 1988, she and her husband, Steve Bennett, have run a cottage industry, publishing Judy’s books from home while they raised their family.

I don't know when this was written, so that some details could have changed. But one thing has not changed, and it is the fact that Judy's quilt math is mind-boggling. I will never forget the first time I used one of Judy's books, and the quilt had measurements, like 1/8 and 1/16th. My mind was blown! 


Red, White & Blue Star Quilts features:

  • Complete patterns for 16 quilts and 7 size and color variations.
  • Out-of-print favorites such as Shakespeare in the Park and Stars ’n’ Stripes Forever
  • Most quilts are published here for the first time
  • 13 illustrations showing patriotic patterns changed to 2 colors with easy yardage and cutting conversions
  • Yardage charts for Evening Stars and Rising Stars to help you make your own quilts or variations
  • Chart listing patch cutting sizes for a wide variety of block sizes
  • General quilt making information and specific helps for making Rising Stars and Evening Stars
  • Patterns range in size from a quick little table topper to king-sized quilts.
  • Six patriotic patterns sized for Quilts of Valor (R)
  • Diagrams and specifications boxes are designed to lead you visually through every step of making the quilts


The 16 quilts are stunning, and Judy has also supplied two color options for several of the quilts, making this book timeless.


Several quilts are sized to fit the Quilts of Valor size requirements.

Red White Blue Stars quilt 1


The quilting on these quilts is breathtaking.

Red white and Blue Stars 2

I hope you enjoy this review of the Red, White, and Blue Stars book. I have several pages flagged and plan to start on America, the Beautiful for my 2022 patriotic quilt.

Judy Martins log cab quilt book

Another great title to add to your library is Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book.



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