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Chatsworth Quilt-Along: Blocks 9 and 10

Chatsworth Quilt-Along: Blocks 9 and 10

Written by: 
Doug Leko


Hello and welcome back to the Chatsworth Quilt-Along! 

This month we are continuing on with Blocks 9 and 10. We are almost to the finish line with these blocks, then we'll dive into the setting, which is always my favorite part! 


Month 9


Grab four more assorted prints to create a new set of four prints than what you’ve used before. This block is like a few others we’ve pieced so far, made up of flying geese units and folded corner units. Be sure to try using my Simple Folded Corners Ruler -- it really helps with the units in this block!

Be sure to check out my Block 9 video:


Doug’s Tips:

  • I used my Mini Simple folded Corners Ruler for this block to get perfectly precise folded corners. 


Chatsworth is just as stunning in solids as it is in prints! In my blog posts each month, I'll be sharing blocks made with a modern Southwest palette of sand, stone, turquoise, earth, and charcoal shades of Moda Bella Solids. Here's block 9:


Month 10


Again, pull together four new assorted prints to create a different combination that you’ve done before. This is one of my favorite star blocks, and in the video, I show you a little tip on how to get your points when putting together the quadrants. 


Be sure to check out my Block 10 video for more tips and tricks!



Here's my block 10 in solids:


Be sure to check out our Chatsworth Facebook Group! It sure is fun to see everyone’s block and fabric choices. 


See you next month on June 27 for Blocks 11 & 12!



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