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Create a bit of order...

Create a bit of order...

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Carrie Nelson

We've all seen the pictures in magazines, on DIY shows, Pinterest and social media.  The beautiful sewing and craft spaces that inspire us to organize and clean up... if just a little bit. 

Camille Roskelley's Sewing Room

We all have different ideas of what makes the perfect space, and it often changes.  I used to have a huge sewing room and after three moves in four years, I love the much smaller space I'm now in.  I will happily admit to not having an IG-ready sewing room - and I'm fine with that.  My cutting table can be cleaned off one day and piled with rulers, cutters, scraps, stacks of cut pieces and who knows what else the next.  I always seem to have a couple of over-flowing baskets and bins stacked on top of each other.  But there are drawers that announce my "OCD-ness", they're very organized with tools and supplies in their proper place.  (I also have a thing for Moda tins.)

Lipper Bamboo OCD Drawer

So when Moda+United Notions gets in new storage items, folks aren't surprised when I'm over in the warehouse looking for them.  As I get older, I'm finding that less is more, and finding what I want quickly is "golden".  So these are a few of my favorite finds.

Meori Mini Foldable Storage Boxes

When I'm actively working on a project, I like to be able to keep the necessary parts together and the Meori boxes are perfect for that.  Charm packs, background and border fabrics, any pieced units and so on can be kept together and moved from the cutting table to my sewing machine, and even packed to take to retreat or a sewing day with friends.  These are the Meori Foldable Mini Boxes - they measure 5" deep x 6.5" wide x 5.5" tall.  (The Tangerine are my favorite.)

Did I mention foldable?  When they're not being used, they fold flat for easy storage, maybe 1" in height.  Easy storage on hand when you need it?  It doesn't get any better than that.  The Small Foldable Box is another favorite, a standby - it measures 10.25"deep x 12.75" wide x 10.75" tall. Divider inserts are available for both the Mini and Small boxes.

WIPs - works in progress.  I might have a few.  (A lot.) They're also called PIBs - Projects in Bins. 

ArtBin 12"x12" Essentials Bin

This is the 12" x 12" Essentials Bin with Handle.  While they can be used to organize all manner of supplies - English Paper Piecing, stabilizers, charm squares, foundation piecing supplies, etc. - they're perfect for keeping all of the fabrics, pieced units and blocks, pattern and necessary tools for a single project together.  This box also comes without a handle - Essentials 12" x 12" Storage Box.

A sweet friend loves the Super Satchel collection of boxes and accessories. 

ArtBin Super Satchel

This is the 1-Compartment Super Satchel.  It measures 15" long x 14" wide x 3.5" high.  What makes the Super Satchel system so appealing is that the boxes fit in a stackable Super Satchel Cube - a sturdy cube with runners that makes it easy to get to any satchel.  Drawers instead of stacks.  And there are casters available - movable drawers - Super Satchel Cube Casters!

If you collect spools of thread for machine-quilting, machine-embroidery or some other stitchy-reason, the Super Satchel Thread Box should be on your must-have list.  An open thread rack mounted on the wall and filled with a rainbow of colored threads makes a pretty picture but it isn't the best way to store thread.  Thread has three "enemies" - light, humidity and dust.  All three factor in weakening the thread as they can cause the color to fade, the fibers to become dry or brittle, or develope mold or mildew.  Good thread storage also means that threads won't tangle.  So a box that separates and supports each spool is the best way to preserve your thread investment. 

If you do use a lot of different colored threads - and I do when machine-quilting pincushions, zipper bags and pillows, I love the Bobbin Box.  It keeps my wound bobbins organized and dust-free.

ArtBin Bobbin Box

Finally, the bamboo organizers from Lipper have transformed the drawers on my sewing table.  They're called Stacking Organizers and while there are several sizes, these are what have worked best for me - 3" x 6", 3" x 9" , 6" x 6", and 6" x 9".

Lipper Bamboo Storage Drawers

Yes, I do buy boxes of supplies instead of just a package or two.  (I also change blades and needles regularly - frequently.)  I suggest measuring the inside of the drawer and then playing around with the configuration that fits best, and uses the sizes that suit your needs.  That's where the 3" x 6" size has worked nicely for me.  I think the key is to look at what you want to keep handy, and then figure out the "best" way to store it. "Best" being the way you want it. 

(I do think I'm going to need to find someplace to put the new 4-Tier Organizer.)

We're finishing this up with a giveaway - a Meori Foldable Tool-Hobby Box filled with goodies.  A Layer Cake or two, a Jelly Roll or two, a Moda All-Stars Mix It Up Book, and  a Market zipper bag.  This. 

Meori Storage Giveaway Prize

Leave a comment by Midnight on Sunday, February 9, CST telling us about your sewing space.  Is it as organized and orderly as you'd like?

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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