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Granny Square QAL

Granny Square QAL

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Lissa Alexander

Family Reunion QAL – Part 5 


Hi, and welcome to the next step in the Family Reunion Quilt Along!  I’m Michele Kuhns from Crayon Box Quilt Studio, and this week I’m sharing some tips that will help you sew all of your blocks, no matter which round they are for.

MBS Rollin' Along

We’re making the Family Reunion by Christine Weld from Rollin’ Along from Martingale Publishing.  The book is a collection of 12 fabulous quilts using Jelly Rolls.  If you haven’t started yet, there’s still time to join in on this fun Moda Bake Shop Summer Quilt Along.  If you’ve already joined the fun, don’t forget to post your progress on the Moda Bake Shop Facebook page and share it on Instagram with hashtags #familyreunionqal and #modabakeshop. We love to see all the beautiful pictures of your blocks.

In the first quilt-along posts, Christine shared her tips on making the Great Granny block for the center and hints on fabric choices, block trimming, and pressing instead of ironing. 


Then Susan Vaughn of The Felted Pear shared her tips on making the next round, the Granny blocks, along with a fabulous Granny Square pillow bonus project. I might have to make a pillow when I find the time!

felted pear pillow

This week’s task is to make the 28 Mama blocks, which will be added to your quilt once you’ve attached your sashing rounds, which were discussed last week.  The construction for this block is the same as the past blocks, except there are fewer rows, so they stitch together a bit quicker.

Like Susan, I planned out the fabrics I would use for each round in advance, but I did it the old-school way, using a copy of the finished quilt and colored pencils.  The Jelly Roll I’m using didn’t have enough of one colorway for the Mama block round, so I had to make a plan to have what I needed for each round.  I’m using two colors for the Mama blocks, alternating them in the final layout.

Michelle Kuhns QAL

I’ve read on the Moda Bake Shop Facebook group that some who are sewing along are having a little difficulty.  You may find the block turning out a little wonky when sewing your pieces together.  If that happens, check that each piece finishes at 2” square.  If they aren’t, you can adjust whatever issue, whether your seams are too wide or too narrow, which should solve the problem.

Michelle Kuhns

The other tip to help your blocks turn out nice is to make sure you are opening up the seam fully when you are pressing.  This will also help all of your pieces finish at 2” square.

Michelle Kuhns QAL

I think the best part of these quilt-alongs is seeing everyone’s progress along the way and the different fabrics each sewer chose to use.  For my quilt, I’m using Lella Boutique’s Country Rose, which is due to arrive in stores next month. It is gorgeous, and I’m excited to see my entire quilt assembled.

Michelle Kuhns QAL

Summer still has many weeks to go, so if you aren’t sewing along yet, there’s still time.  Start with the Introduction post on June 20th and work your way through each week’s posts.

June 27: Great Granny blocks

July 4: I hope you enjoyed the fireworks!

July 11: Granny blocks

July 18: Sashing

July 25: Mama blocks – You are here!

August 1: Baby blocks

August 8: Finishing and Wrap Up

Remember to check out my wonderful friends who are sewing along to see their progress and their beautiful versions!

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Sharla - @thistlethicketstudio

Audrey & Diane - @theclothparcel

Jessica - @jessicadayon

Jen - @jendalyquilts

Nicola - @cakestandquilts

Have fun,



Michele Kuhns of Crayon Box Quilt Studio

I’ve been quilting since 2009.  Before that, I pursued a lot of other crafty interests, including counted cross stitch and professional cake decorating, but it wasn’t until we were waiting to bring our child home from China that I learned of the Chinese tradition of making a 100 Good Wishes Quilt to welcome a new baby.  During the four years before she was placed in my arms, I swapped fabric squares with lots of other waiting parents, searched online for pattern ideas, and grew the concept from having my cousin make the quilt for me to wanting to make it myself.  

I borrowed my mother’s old machine, bought some fabric, and set out to teach myself, completing a sampler using Nine Patch, Friendship Star, and Log Cabin blocks.  Then after making a baby quilt for a neighbor, I jumped in with both feet and made 100 Good Wishes for my son, whom we brought home from Vietnam while still waiting to bring his sister home from China.  I’ve since made many 100 Good Wishes Quilts for other adopted children, though truth be told, I still need to make the quilt for my daughter.  

I bought my first Longarm machine in 2013, became a designer for Moda Bake Shop in 2014, and upgraded my longarm to my dream machine in 2016.  When I’m not busy sewing my own projects or quilting for my customers, I’m running my Girl Scout troop and managing the annual cookie sale for all the troops in my area.

Follow Michelle at

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