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Road Warrior - Kelly Neilson

Road Warrior - Kelly Neilson

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Amy Matheny

Meet Kelly Neilson


Like so many of our lady reps, we all had a mentor. For Kelly, it was her stepmom -- an avid quilter and a quilt pattern designer who taught her to sew when she was around ten. Kelly explains, “I was in high school and remember cutting out clothing patterns from thin tissue paper because that’s how the patterns came (if you know, you know), and reconstituting older dresses into much cooler outfits as I got older. These sewing adventures were always a lot of fun and now we laugh about how I like to do things [my way], even if getting there took her amazing technical skills to see my vision through.”


As a fabric rep, Kelly says, “This tutelage has been invaluable to me, and it partners well with my degree in Sociology -- both of these skill sets have helped me over the years as I have developed and grown. I enjoy helping my customers navigate the various ins and outs of owning their fabrics/quilt businesses. These businesses come in many different forms, from internet shops to brick-and-mortar stores to vending at shows. Each business model is unique, so I listen and try to be as available to my customers as possible. As a rep, I find it rewarding to be helpful and discover exactly what the best fit will be for my customers. It is a great feeling when I can make the buying/inventory/delivery part of their business as seamless as possible. And I still call my mom and ask her for guidance on products from time to time...”


Ask Kelly about her very cute little dog add she lights up!

Meet Lilly…

“I am quite fond of Boston Terriers and in February was fortunate to find a little girl through a rescue that needed a new home. Lilly is a black and white tuxedo that is under 20 pounds and is very lovey, I am super lucky! She is my third Boston - I adore dogs. ️”

Another love of Kelly’s is music, and she is able to listen to A LOT of it as she drives a bunch. Recently she said she has added a few podcasts to her drive-time playlist.


Through the years, Kelly feels fortunate to have cultivated wonderful friendships with her fellow rep colleagues. She says, “for that I am very thankful!” 


“Well, I think I hear the UPS truck pulling up with another load of samples, so see you out there very soon!"

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