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Road Warrior- Mario Navar

Road Warrior- Mario Navar

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Amy Matheny

Meet Mario Navar


You know the saying, “The stars aligned?” Well, that seems to be the case with Mario – as all paths lead him to Moda… 

Mario was only 7 when he moved from Chicago to Southern California. Growing up, his passion was sports and the rodeo. He played competitive basketball, baseball and also competed in the rodeo! He rode bulls and did roping and also rode horses that he kept at his uncles’ ranch. Mario believes that participating in these competitive sports instilled in him, discipline and a work ethic that makes him thrive on structure and schedules and has helped to shape him into who he is today! 

Mario explains, “After primary school I started out going to college to pursue an Electrical Engineering degree as did several of my family members, but little did I know how my path would change. While in school, I also worked as a manager of a Home Depot. Now with management experience, I landed a better job as Warehouse Manager for a textile company. There, I was in charge of setting up and running Quilt Market for the company. And it was at Quilt Market that I was able to meet the people that got me to where I am today.” 


“At the time when the Moda job opportunity was presented, I was a newlywed with a 2 year old and 2 puppies living in Southern California, Mario says. The thought of moving to Northern California and leaving work, home, family and friends was a nerve-wracking experience, but Moda always made me feel reassured and confident about taking a leap of faith. Now here we are 6 years later, another baby and happier than ever. When I am not on the road, my life revolves around my wife, Saray and my 2 boys, Mario (8) and Damian (4). Like me, my boys love sports, baseball in particular. This year my eldest is playing travel baseball which literally consumes our life!” 



When you first meet Mario, you can’t help notice that he’s a genuine nice guy! When asked, what he likes most about his job he says, it’s the one on one time he gets to spend with his clients, getting to know them on a personal level and being able to build great relationships with them. Mario says "It truly feels like they are part of my extended family!" It is so awesome to be able to see my clients, children, grandchildren and even pets grow up and hear all about it. Second, to that, would be the scenery I get to enjoy  on the long drives.


Through his travels, this Road Warrior, has had to deal with extremes - in weather and terrain and says he has learned a few things to never leave home without; water, snacks, blankets, car charger and a portable phone charger as well. Most recently, Mario got stranded in torrential rains & flooding. Even though “they” always warn us never drive through deep puddles - Mario [the guy with the great work ethic, trying his best to stay on schedule for his sales appointment] drove right through a puddle. Well it was deeper than he thought and shut his car down, stranding him for hours. He said he was glad he had a stocked his car with all those provisions.


Be back next month with another one of Moda/United Notions Road Warriors.


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