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Road Warrior- Samantha Dudley

Road Warrior- Samantha Dudley

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Amy Matheny


Samantha Dudley 

Samantha Dudley


Meet the newest Road Warrior to join the Moda Sales team, Samantha Dudley. It’s no surprise that this job comes naturally to Sam, she says, “I grew up around fabric and thread. My mom was always making something, from wedding gowns to quilts, and I just kind of absorbed the love for sewing and the skills from her. 


Samantha started out pursuing a degree in film studies and as life paths do, veered her in a totally different direction. Sam likened preparing for her interview with Moda, as if she were cramming for one of her cinematography tests, wanting to know everything about everything [Moda]. Sam says “I never thought about a career as a fabric sales rep, but when the opportunity was presented, it’s just one of those things that life offers you, and you respond with a resounding, YES!”


“Through the years, I have met other Moda Sales Reps, and they have always spoken about how amazing and caring a company Moda is to work for, so I know I couldn’t pass up this once in a life time opportunity. As luck would have it, I got the call, officially offering me the job on my birthday! It was the greatest gift and I completely forgot to celebrate my birthday - I got right to celebrating my new career.” 

Samantha Dudley reps


Samantha feels as she has inherited a second family, between her fellow sales reps and all of the shop owners. She says, “It’s very comforting to walk into a shop for an appointment and be greeted so warmly. Thank you to my amazing shop owners - I feel like I am really settling in here!”

Samantha scenic


“Though I don’t have a book of road stories to tell about just yet, but I already had a shop puppy jump in my suitcase (which I was SO excited about!) I am enjoying that every day is a new adventure full of possibilities. While on the road, I have found that I have to be careful to not get distracted by the beautiful scenery across TN and  KY. My drives are filled with gorgeous mountains, greenery, and lots of farm animals! I entertain myself on long drives with podcasts and audiobooks. In the evenings, if I’m not too late checking into my hotel, I’ll work on my hand appliqué projects and catch up on shows, which is kind of a treat because I never take the time to watch TV at home.”


Samantha laugh

When not traveling for work, Samantha is running her 9 year old daughter, Harlie, around to school and extra-curricular activities. They like to spend time together playing with their dog Bernie, working on art projects, and building Legos. Sam says, “I haven’t taught her to sew, yet, and she always reminding me of that!


Besides sewing and quilting, Sam likes to draw, read, do yoga, and dance. She says, “I absolutely love Latin dances like salsa and I am building up the courage to attend Salsa dance socials in some of the cities that I visit when traveling for work.” 


Samantha’s energy and enthusiasm for her job is contagious. She says, “I am loving my job so much, between the scenic road trips and working such talented people in their amazing shops - I am one happy girl!”



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