Sampler Spree QAL - Week 2

Sampler Spree QAL - Week 2

Written by: 
Carrie Nelson

Yellow.  And Gold. 

CT SS QAL Week 2 Yellow Fabrics

I'm not sure I'd use all of these together but this definitely shows the variety of colors and shades that could be used.

These collections include Bonnie & Camille Shine On, Jen Kingwell's Fine & Sunny, Zen Chic's Quotation, Stacy Iest Hsu, American Jane Story Time.

Week 2 blocks! 

  • #5 - Easter Basket
  • #12 - Patio Pavers
  • #33 - Antique Tile
  • #39 - Friendship Quilt
  • #58 - Here and There
  • #76 - Premium Prize
  • #84 - Coxey's Camp
  • #90 - Diamond Panes
  • #93 - Hour Glass
  • #97 - Depression
  • #103 - Rolling Stone
  • #105 - New Four Patch

CT SS QAL Week 2 Blocks

If it looks like there are some pumpkin, butterscotch and apricot-ish blocks... that's okay.  Use the Yellow and Golds that you like, that fit in with your colors. 

Our sweet friends at Martingale put together another slide-show of the blocks - in Yellow!

We're also sharing a second setting option this week - On Point With Sashing.

CT SS QAL Week 2 On Point With Sashing

Using 61 blocks, this quilt will finish at 70" x 70".  

The instructions can be found here - Sampler Spree Diagonal Setting With Sashing.

The other thing to share this week are blocks by the friends we invited to quilt-along with us.

CT SS QAL Week 2 Blocks - Kristine 1

Kristine is using a mix of Basic Grey pieces from Cider and Persimmon, a bit of Fig Tree, and mixed backgrounds.  She's decided not to sew entirely by color because she's making a smaller quilt.  

CT SS QAL Week 2 Blocks - Kristine 2

She did make a few blue blocks.  

Hildy is using her Bonnie & Camille collection for her blocks, and she's mixing up the colors each week. 

CT SS QAL Week 2 Blocks - Hildy

Greg!  He's sharing one block each day.  (Even though we think he's already finished all of them... lol)

CT SS QAL Week 2 Blocks - Greg

Susan V. - Sophie's Mom - is using some of her Fig Tree scraps for her blocks.  

CT SS QAL Week 2 Blocks - Susan V

And Erica... she's using an Americana mix of Minick & Simpson fabrics for her blocks.

CT SS QAL Week 2 - Erica

One last thing... our sweet Jan Patek is adding an applique block to each week of her Sampler Spree blocks.  You can find the Week 2 pattern here - Bird On A Branch block..

That's it for this week! 

Be sure to share your blocks on social media - #samplerspreeqal

For a PDF of this post - Sampler Spree QAL - Week 2

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