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Sampler Spree QAL - Week 3

Sampler Spree QAL - Week 3

Written by: 
Carrie Nelson

Twenty-two blocks?  Two blocks?  Or lots of ideas and fabric pulled but not a whole lot of sewing?

That's me.  Fabrics selected for each new color.  Blocks planned.  A few cut out.  And four actually made!  Three-and-a-half... I wasn't paying attention and I pieced one incorrectly.  But I'll probably use it anyway because I like the fabrics.  And it's made.

CT SS QAL Week 3 Aqua-Teal-Turquoise Fabrics

This week's colors are Aqua, Teal and Turquoise.  And shades in between.  I pulled these from a box of pieces in the office.  At first glance, I'm not sure I would use these together, but as I look at the picture, I think I would!  I rather like the variety there.  

What do you think?  

The Week 3 blocks are:

  • #8 - Broken Sash
  • #20 - London Stairs
  • #22 - Dream Ship
  • #31 - Lightning Strikes
  • #35 - Double Shoo-Fly
  • #49 - Opposites
  • #67 - Jack in the Box
  • #71 - Oh Susannah
  • #82 - Scotch
  • #94 - Hayes Corner
  • #96 - Broken Windows
  • #101 - Framed Ohio Star

CT SS QAL Week 4 - Aqua Blocks

So many pretty blocks!  And I like the mix of "easy-ish" and "that's a lot of small pieces..."

Video slide show of the blocks?  You know it!  Once again, our tech friends at Martingale came through with the Aqua, Teal and Turquoise blocks.

There's also a Bonus Pattern this week - Opposites.  It's Block 49.

CT SS QAL Opposites One Block Quilt Susan Ache

Just the one block, one solid and a big stack of "low volume" prints.  The solid is Moda Bella Solid in Surf 9900 193.  

What are "low volume" prints?  The answer depends on who you ask.  To some, it is a small-scale print in a light or light-ish shade on white or ivory.  Like a background print.  To others, it's any print on a white or ivory background.  Like Susan's quilt.

Opposites - Horizontal Expandable Quilt

You'll still need the book to make this block, the instructions are only for sizes, and assembly.  The block is No. 49.

One last thing... our sweet Jan Patek is adding an applique block to each week of her Sampler Spree blocks.  You can find the Week 3 pattern here - Tulip.

CT SS QAL Week 3 Robin Pickens Blue Blocks

These are blocks 12, 76, 58 and 39 by Robin Pickens.  She's using her Cottage Bleu collection to make her blocks.  (We want her to sew faster too... this is going to be spectacular.)

Be sure to share your blocks on social media - #samplerspreeqal

For a PDF of this post - Sampler Spree QAL - Week 3

And if you missed any of the Sampler Spree blog posts - Sampler Spree Quilt-Along

I hope you have a really good week.  With some sewing.

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