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Summer In The Country - FAQs

Summer In The Country - FAQs

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Carrie Nelson

Oda Mae shared this on social media and since many of you have asked, we're sharing her answers here.

So here's what you need to know.

What are the dates for the quilt-along?

MBS Summer in the Country FAQs 2

Here are the posts so far:

How much fabric do I need?

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Oda Mae started with a FQ bundle of Me & My Sister's Back Porch collection.  (It's in shops next month.) There are 30 Fat Quarters in the bundle and while it's more fabric than you'll need, it will provide a nice variety of lights, mediums and darks.

For the Background, the 4 to 5 yard recommendation includes fabric for the blocks and some for a setting.  Hence the caveat that "you may need more background fabric."

I would plan on at least 2.5 yards for the blocks, and the rest for the setting.  I came up with the 2.5 yards because Blocks 1 and 2 used about .25 of a yard.  So .25 for every two blocks, that's 2 yards.  And I always round up because... mistakes.  For the setting, keep in mind that Grandstand requires 2 yards of background, and Country Picnic needs 1.5 yards.  Depending on the fabric I'm using, I might decide to go with a white border for Country Picnic, so that's an additional .5 to .75 yard for that.  Which means I'll get 8 yards.  I'm kidding!  I'd probably go for the 5 yards, especially if it's something like my favorite Off-White Bella Solid 200.  (Just remember to use a Sharpie to note the number in the selvage.)

MBS Summer in the Country Fabric

How do I sign up?

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There isn't any sign-up, you just have to check back here every Monday.  Twice. 

(We're still working on getting the e-mail option added to the new blogs.  It's on the to-do list.)

How many blocks are there?

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Sixteen!  This is Week 1 so Blocks 1 and 2 were posted on Monday. 

If you have more questions, just leave a comment and we'll see what we can find out.

Happy stitching!