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When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie... That's amore!


Valentine's Day.  That's next week.  National Pizza Day.  That's today.  Synchronicity, right?

And I really like the way Dean Martin sings.  (Tippy tippy tay... it's from That's Amore.)

But first... Pizza!  Happy National Pizza Day!  But isn't every day Pizza Day?  At least it should be.  If I was still living in Phoenix, I would be here - Pizzeria Bianco.

Or Pane Bianco, Chris Bianco's sandwich shop and cafe.  Since this seems like a long way to go for pizza - even an exceptionally great pizza - I'll just make something from this new cookbook.

Then I'll sew something for Valentine's Day.  There's still time to make a cute pillow - and yes, I have a few to share.

This is Chelsi Stratton's Heart Pillow - Chelsi of Sherri & Chelsi.  The fabrics are from The Front Porch.  (Shipping soon.)  Chelsi shared a tutorial on how to make this adorable pillow - Heart Pillow Tutorial.

Two years ago, I shared L-O-V-E.

A couple of red prints from Fig Tree & Co. and a favorite background from Minick & Simpson.  Moda's Spell it with Letters - L O V E.  (Each letter links to that pattern.)

This pillow was made using Canoe Ridge Creations' - Megan Pitz - Mini Quilt Tutorial.  The fabrics are Minick & Simpson's Miss Scarlet... but this would be lovely in Farmhouse Reds.  (In shops now.) Or Sweetwater's Project Red.  Or Sandy Gervais' Love You!

Because there were a few leftover quarter-triangle squares, we made a rectangular pillow instead of a mini.

Going back to Chelsi's pillow... we loved the assortment of Front Porch fat quarters she put together so we copied it.

And we're going to share.  Because it's Valentine's Day.  (And because we can't send pizza.)

Leave a comment telling us if you'll be having pizza today and if you have plans for Valentine's Day.  By Midnight on Sunday - February 11th.

Here's hoping you have a lovely weekend - Happy Friday!