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Spring Quilt Market - Part 2

Spring Quilt Market - Part 2

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When I wrote Part 1, I knew this was coming.  I just thought it would be "here" a little sooner.  But as everyone knows, the world doesn't stop when we're away from our desks.  Truth be told, I think it all multiplies at a faster rate.

Part 1 from Spring Market 2018 was all about the fabric collections that debuted in Portland.  So this time, it's about the Moda Designers who were at Market with March collections, and other cool must-have-that things that caught my eye.  (I think you already know that I'm easily distracted... squirrel!)

So in some kind of alphabetical order for collections...

101 Maple Street by Anne Sutton for Bunny Hill Designs.

On the far eastern side of Lake Superior, you’ll find Maple Island just off the Canadian shore. Tree-lined paths lead down to the water, creating a canopy overhead. In the Fall, the colors are brilliant. The oak and maple trees color the island in spectacular shades of red, gold, orange and green. We hope we have conveyed the feel of this small, wondrous place with the fabric line we have designed for you.  (101 Maple Street will be in shops in August.)

Foxly.  Designed by Anne and made with 101 Maple Street and wool felt.

I didn't get to ask if there will be a pattern for these adorable little pincushions but I've got fingers crossed.  And if there isn't, I propose a write-in campaign to convince Anne that there should be.  Are you with me?  (And yes, the wool is from Anne's buddy Lisa of Primitive Gatherings.)

Badda Bing by Me & My Sister Designs - aka Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson.

The only thing quilters love more than polka dots are cherries! These cheery cherries mix with polka dots, hand-drawn flowers and prints inspired by vintage feed sacks. A little bit of gingham, a splash of orange and Badda Bing… this is better than a sundae with a cherry on top!  (Badda Bing will be in shops in August.)

The quilt is Country Market - it's a Jelly Roll Friendly quilt that finishes at 60" x 72".

Those Double-Wide Dresdens... don't they look good all by themselves?  In a quilt.  Not in a quilt.  They still look great!

Clover Hollow by Sherri & Chelsi.

Clover Hollow is a delightful collection with beautiful florals, whimsical prints, and terrific basics in an array of beautiful colors inspired by spring and summer vibes when everything is blooming and bright. The basics in this collection are micro-dots and loop-the-loops, and they are joined by darling bowties and sun prints. Three wispy floral designs in shades of raspberry, soft coral, navy, spring green, sky blue, yellow, gray and cream complete the collection.  (Clover Hollow arrives in August.)

Be My Neighbor Mini by Sherri for A Quilting Life - this is made with Fat Eighths and a little bit of yardage.  There is also a big version of this quilt - Be My Neighbor.

Guest Room by Kristyne Czepuryk of Pretty By Hand.

Guest Room is a sweet collection of pretty little florals in fresh colors that evoke thoughts of spring gardens and cool evenings. Quilts made with this fabric will undoubtedly have the feel of the 1930s. Combining whimsical bouquets, tiny ginghams, posies, and an eyelet lace ticking stripe creates the perfect mix for quilts with heritage charm. The updated colors of rose, chambray, grass, white, and navy all sparkle together to keep things fresh. Add one or two solids to the mix and voila, you will have an instant heirloom quilt to welcome your guests and keep them cozy warm, whether they're playing board games in the family room, having a picnic in the park, curled up by the fire reading a good book, or sleeping in after a movie marathon.  (Guest Room will be in shops in September.)

While Kristyne wasn't able to be in Portland, she sent a big box of beautiful quilts for us to share in the booth.  (Thank you Kristyne!)

Board Games and Dear Doris.

At The Cottage.  For more of Kristyne's patterns - Pretty by Hand.

Oxford by Sweetwater - this quilt is Oxford Lane.

Sometimes the Men's department provides the perfect inspiration for a fabric collection. While thumbing through the pages of a favorite clothing store's catalog, we spotted a stack of oxford-cloth shirts in an array of plaids and stripes. They were so crisp and colorful, we were instantly drawn to the photo. Of course, we then thought about what a beautiful quilt they would make and Oxford was born! We mixed the wovens with a variety of prints, and we think they look spectacular together!  (Oxford Prints & Wovens arrive in September.)

That's Karla and the coolest, best bag ever!  It was made using leftover triangles from the roofs on the houses of Oxford Lane and a Bella Solid.  The resulting half-triangle squares are joined to make a square, rectangle, whatever shape necessary.  Then cream/ivory crochet cotton or perle cotton is used to "rag-stitch" along the seam.

Oxford Prints and Wovens... they're really good.  As in, they're worth waiting for.

Play All Day by Sandy Klop for American Jane.

London Bridges and Ring-Around-the-Rosey. Hobby horses and building blocks. Inspired by a vintage children’s book, Play All Day combines these images with prints in updated “retro” colors from the 1940s. American Jane’s four-print panel is back, accompanied by a funky square print and feedsack flowers for a collection that is perfect for sewing all day!  (Play All Day will be in shops in August.)

As always, Sandy had spectacular quilts for every skill level.  Making Connections is the concentric log cabin on the right, and Play All Day is a simple quilt made with the panel in the collection.  (That's on the lower left.)

This is Amazing Possibilities - it's a 57" round quilt that is machine-pieced.  It really is Amazing.

Woodland Secrets by Shannon Gillman Orr.

Once I lived in a 100-acre wood and first it was dark and foreign and scary.  But over time, every little creature and mossy detail revealed a magical world.  The woodland opened it's secrets because I took the time to see.  (Woodland Secrets will be in shops in September.)

The Caravan Bag. Each bag measures 13" wide by 10" high x 4" wide, and they're Fat Quarter Friendly.  And they're adorable.  (That is the most important thing.)

Penelope and Oxford Owl.  The pattern title is Oxford and Penelope but they're situated differently.  Penelope and Oxford are 12" tall and they're also Fat Quarter Friendly.

La Vie En Rouge by Kaari Meng for French General.

La Vie en Rouge is a classic collection of French reds and antique naturals with a fresh twist on 18th century florals and small prints. We used our collection to design a series of twelve doll quilts that use a variety of different techniques and skill levels.   (La Vie En Rouge will be in shops in August.)

French General's twelve doll quilts are all titled Maison-something - Maison De Amelie, Maison de Charlotte Trois, etc.  The finished sizes vary from as small as 15" x 19" to as big as 20" x 24".  (Not all the patterns are on the website yet... but they are coming.  To see the rest, they're shown on this La Vie En Rouge PDF.)

Kathy Schmitz!

While Kathy didn't have a new fabric collection for Market, she was there with new books, new patterns and gorgeous new embroidery patterns.

These "Kind & Gentle Soft Toy" softies feature an iron-on embroidery transfer.  They're all named, though I only have the names for a few of them... the rest are "coming soon." Cecil is on the right in the upper left cover, and Oscar and Pearl are in the lower right corner.

While I shared Jen Kingwell's Looking Forward in Part 1 last week, I didn't get to show you a few of her new Tempter template sets.  While these three sets are blocks in her glorious Delilah quilt and are included in the Delilah Template Set, there are now individual template sets for each block.

Because each and every one of them makes a spectacular quilt - or pillow - all by itself.

This is Black Cockatoo - the block finishes at 6".

Beach Balls - the block finishes at 12".

May Flower - another 6" finished block.

There are a dozen new Tempter sets - more than enough to keep us busy for the summer!

And because we'll need a box to store these templates in... some of the clever folks in the Home + Gift department have created a couple of options.  You know I love boxes, right?  Especially pretty boxes!

Urban Cottage - a set of 3 Pencil boxes with dividers and magnetic closures.  Made of heavy, paper-covered cardboard, these boxes are very durable.  And gorgeous.

But there is a problem.  Which set to get?  (I love them all!)

Sunnyside Up?  Also a set of 3 boxes with dividers, magnetic closures, etc.  The three sizes are - 8.625" x 4.25" x 1.3" / 10" x 5.2" x 1.8" / 11.3" x 6" x 2.4".  The Urban Cottage boxes are the same sizes.  Since I'm going to need all of the new Tempters, I think I'm going to need two sets of boxes.  What do you think?  One of each?  Or two sets of the same design?  Which would you get?  (I really am having a hard time deciding!)

And what about those seriously cute Sunnyside Up Mini Notes?  I know... squirrel!

I'll wrap this up with thread... Aurilil had a lot of squirrels in their booth.

These are the new-this-year thread assortments from Moda Designers.

I'm also in love with these new Aurifil Basic Sets... they won't be available until late July or early August.

So what caught your eye?

I hope you've got terrific weekend plans.  I'll be sewing - Block Heads 2 starts next Wednesday!  And I'm still doing some post-Market catching up... with a project deadline looming, a pattern to finish and a trip the end of next week.

Happy Friday!