Woodland Secrets...

Woodland Secrets...

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We've asked some of the Moda Designers to share their collections with us, to tell us their inspiration behind it.  This is Woodland Secrets by Shannon Gilman Orr...

Woodland Secrets is my newest fabric collection features tiny trees, florals, mushrooms, acorns, deer footprints, and gingham. It was inspired by the years I spent living in a 100-acre wood in the New Hampshire hills. I’m a city girl who grew up in the Arizona desert where the skyline is always visible and shades of green are light and the sun is very stark. When we moved to the east coast there were endless acres of trees, creatures I’d never seen in real life before, and it was much darker green than I expected.

We lived in a beautiful century-old farmhouse on the edge of the woods. I didn’t cross into the trees explore for several months after we first moved there without my family. It was intimidating to hear animals. The tree canopy seemed to block out the sun. But it was there, just beyond the barn and I had to be brave. The woods were green and lush. There were little tiny forest floor flowers, old stone walls, and a creek that fed our pond. It was quieter than expected.

Every time I went out exploring there was more to see. What I initially had thought was darkness was really dappled sunlight through tall birches. It was magical and kept drawing me back in.

All of those tender experiences of those 100 acres are wrapped up in Woodland Secrets and featured in the collection of quilts and project titles.

Two Roads Quilt is based on the Robert Frost poem. Look closely and you will see a road that diverges in the wood and meets back together again.

Oxford & Penelope Owl was the very first pattern I ever designed, ironically while we lived on the edge of those woods.

Caravan Carryall could be my new favorite bag cute, retro, and roomy.

Love Knot Quilt. I always thought it would be so romantic to carve my initials in a tree with a sweetheart, but couldn't ever bring myself to harm the tree. This jelly roll and appliqué quilt are so easy to personalize too!

Verdi Star Quilt is a quick stunner which just screams for a fireside marshmallow roast on a chilly night under the stars.

Lakeside Quilt made up of layer cake squares is a design you can expand or contract as needed with extra blocks. The simple repeat and dash of solid fabrics keep it from being too busy so you can chill lakeside and enjoy.

I've also designed Tanglewood Star for this collection.

All images used with permission of Shannon Orr - All Rights Reserved.