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Charming Amberley...

Charming Amberley...

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Brenda Riddle's Amberley...

I’m so happy to have the chance to share my new collection, Amberley, with you! Especially as the flowers and budding trees are appearing for spring… Amberley captures that first breath of spring.

The English countryside was again my inspiration for this collection. Amberley is the name of a town in southern England and one of the descriptions I found written about it was, “It is a quaint, charming, and picturesque place…”. So, I happily adopted the name for this collection. I also love the idea of the freshness and softness of the colors of spring and flower petals or buds and being surrounded by them.

I have had the most fun working with these fabrics… and as I was planning projects, the theme of flower gardens emerged quickly. Reflecting that, the newest quilt design is called ‘Vintage Posies’ - it's a fun quilt that has four different options for the flower block assembly.  I just got it back from my quilter… and I have to admit, I can’t wait to put it on my bed!  (And I’m also making some cute pillows from the flower blocks!)

The second design is one that I released several years ago and was one that shops chose for workshops frequently. (It’s also one of my favorites.) It’s called Floye’s Garden, and is based on the flower garden that my Grandma had on their farm… I always loved it so.

The original pattern had both an appliqué and embroidery version together - but for this release, I have made two separate patterns, one for appliqué - Floye’s Garden - and one embroidery - Stitching Floye’s Garden.

The final quilt I made using Amberley is Betsy’s Closet. It was created from some of my treasured memories of playing with paper dolls, and I discovered it also struck a chord for many others as well. I’ve seen Betsy made in all types of fabrics - from 30’s prints (as the original quilt was) - to reproduction fabrics and novelty fabrics. For my re-release of Betsy’s Closet - I chose the sweet soft florals, fun polka dots and ginghams of Amberley to make this precious design so very girly.

With the florals, classic ginghams & dots that I love, and colors of sunshine, sky, sprout, peony, pebble, & white linen, Amberley is poised and ready to bring warmth & charm to your home.

Thanks for the opportunity to share Amberley with you!