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Dandi Annie & Dandi Robin...

Dandi Annie & Dandi Robin...

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Dandi Annie by Robin Pickens...

Clearly there is beauty in things as simple as a weed. I've always thought dandelions are extra special in the world of weeds since they bring back childhood memories. In a crisp green lawn, they would emerge with a determined strength. Pop! With a sunny head of soft buttery yellow petals that looked like happy sunshine in the grass. It was my parents wish that we get the weeds out of the grass right away, before they went to seed, knowing how quickly they would spread. But for us kids, we delighted to see the dandelion that was overlooked and reached that mature stage of puff ball seeds, soft and delicate and delightful in their fluffy semitransparent globe. What a fascinating structure with the seeds readying themselves for flight and disbursment.

When we would pick the puffy seed dandelions, we would hold them gingerly and make a wish...then blow. Rumor had it, you needed to blow all the seeds off at once to have your wish come true. We would watch as the seeds traveled off through the air, catching on the warm breeze, and traveling to places unknown. It felt like you had just set something free.

This collection has been forming in my head for awhile. I knew it wanted to grow in my garden of fabrics. I love the elegance and structure of the round puff balls. And I find the yellow blooms to be happy and full of warm color. I wanted coordinates that felt like a simpler garden with the lattice print and stem plaid. I'm happy to welcome little birds who enjoy the color and blooms of the dandelions too. In my mind, I think they might be gathering flowers to make their own dandelion tea. In this garden, anything is possible.

Color sets such a powerful mood. Working on this group, happy colors of yellow and pink and green needed to still have some balance with calm grays. I've used a slightly cooler gray with this group - Graphite - to balance the warmth. And going a little darker, I like the drama that unfolds with Charcoal gray in contrast to the warm, bright colors. It has been fun sewing with Bella Solids Maize and Baby Yellow on my Fringe quilt. I feel like the sun is peeking its head over the hill and bringing a warm glow to everything.

This group, Dandi Annie, feels happy and free to me. The quilts I've designed to show it off have been the easiest group so far. They sprouted out of my mind, as quickly as a weed!

It's the first time I've designed quilts that I intend to make as all print on print - I usually mix in solid colors to balance some of the larger prints.

Towards the Sun.

Farmhouse Crossing.


Positively Bohemian.

The names all focus around the cheery feeling of natural growing things.

I hope Dandi Annie makes you as happy as it makes me! Close your eyes, make a wish and blow! Set your dreams free...