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Glimmer & Gleam Installment 3 Tutorial

Glimmer & Gleam Installment 3 Tutorial

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Sarah Maxwell

Welcome back to the Glimmer & Gleam quilt-along. 

This month, we're focusing on the square-in-a-square (SNS) unit that appears in the center of many of the blocks in this installment. Getting accurate points on those units can often be a challenge. Here are my tips for having success!

Star Block with Square-in-a-Square Center

To make this block, gather the background fabric and fabrics 27 and 29.

Fabrics for the block

Grunge Fabrics by Basic Grey

Refer to the general instructions on page GI of the pattern for a general overview of how to construct the SNS units. The key here is to use a scant 1/4" seam allowance so you have some leeway to trim your unit to the finished size. (Of course, some quilters prefer to cut units oversized & then trim, and that's perfectly fine too!)

Another way to make a really accurate SNS unit involves using the Marti Michell 45 Degree Corner Trimmer, Stock #8043. The trimmer is packaged with detailed instructions of how to use it. Here's a quick overview:

45 Degree Corner Trimmer

Often, failing to exactly line up the triangle on top of the square causes the SNS unit to be crooked or leads to cut-off points. By trimming the points of the triangles so they line up accurately with the sides of the square, accuracy is greatly improved.

The trimmer is easy to use. Cut your triangles as direct in the pattern. Then, line up the trimmer with the edges and use your rotary cutter to cut off the point.

Corner Trimmer

Trimmed points

Then, align the trimmed triangles with your square as directed in the pattern. See how evenly it all lines up now?

Alignment of triangles

And here's another finished block. 

SNS block

Ask for the 45 Degree Corner Trimmer at your favorite quilt store.  And, be sure to let us know if you try it out.

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See you next month for the next installment of the Glimmer and Gleam QAL and some color options

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