Bonnie & Camille

Bonnie & Camille

Bonnie and Camille met on June 10, 1983 when Camille came into the world on Bonnie’s 24th birthday. Not only do the two share a family and a birthday, they also share a love of quilting and an all out obsession with fabric.Since starting her company Cotton Way in 1990, Bonnie has designed over 300 patterns. She currently resides in Idaho, has a wonderful husband, 5 children, and enjoys spoiling her 15 beautiful grandchildren. When she’s not busy designing, she enjoys decorating her home and boating with the family.Camille’s pattern company Thimble Blossoms published it’s first pattern in 2007 while she was raising her three energetic little boys. A few of her favorite things are sewing with friends, spending time at the lake with her family and cookies of any kind. You can find her day-to-day quilting on Instagram @thimbleblossoms.

This mother daughter team blends trendy with traditional, and has the unique perspective of two generations of quilters. Their hope is that you, too, may be able to start a new quilt day tradition as mothers and daughters.

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Style Collection Name Swatch Page JPG Images Free Pattern In Stores
Style Sunday Stroll fcc_SundayStroll_BonnieAndCamille.pdf 2021.03
Style Shine On fcc_shine-on.pdf 2020.10
Style At Home 2020/fcc_at-home.pdf 2020/ 2020.03
Style Early Bird 2019/fcc_early-bird2.pdf 2019/ 2019.10
Style Bonnie and Camille Wovens 2019/fcc_bonnie-camille-wovens.pdf 2019/ 2019.05
Style Little Snippets 2019/fcc_little-snippets.pdf 2019/ 2019.01
Style Smitten 2018/fcc_smitten.pdf 2018/ 2018.08
Christmas Vintage Holiday 2018/fcc_vintage-holiday.pdf 2018/ 2018.04
Style The Good Life 2017/fcc_the-good-life.pdf 2017/ 2017.08
Metro Bonnie and Camille Basics 2017/fcc_bonnie_camille_basics.pdf 2017/ 2017.01
Metro Handmade 2016/fcc_handmade.pdf 2016/ 2016.09
Style Little Ruby 2016/fcc_little-ruby.pdf 2016/ 2016.05
Metro Vintage Picnic 2016/fcc_vintage-picnic.pdf 2016/ 2016.02
Style Hello Darling 2015/fcc_hello-darling.pdf 2015/ 2015.08
Metro Daysail 2015/fcc_day-sail.pdf 2015/ 2015.02
Style Miss Kate 2014/fcc_miss-kate.pdf 2014/ 2014.08
Style April Showers 2014/fcc_april-showers.pdf 2014/ 2014.03
Metro Scrumptious 2013/fcc_scrumptious.pdf 2013/ 2013.10
Metro Happy Go Lucky 2013/fcc_happy-go-lucky.pdf 2013/ 2013.05
Style Marmalade 2012/fcc_marmalade.pdf 2012/ 2012.10
Metro Vintage Modern 2012/fcc_vintage_modern.pdf 2012/ 2012.05
Metro Ruby 2011/fcc_ruby.pdf 2011/ 2011.10
Metro Bliss 2010/fcc_bliss.pdf 2010/ 2010.09