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Style Collection Name Designer Swatch Page JPG Images Free Pattern In Stores
Style Everlastings Sandy Gervais 2012/fcc_everlastings.pdf 2012/jpg_everlastings.zip 2012.09
Style Evermore Sweetfire Road fcc_evermore.pdf jpg_evermore.zip 2023.09
Style Explore Deb Strain 2019/fcc_explore.pdf 2019/jpg_explore.zip 2019.11
Rubystar Eye Candy Ruby Star Society fcc_rss-eye-candy.pdf jpg_rss-eye-candy.zip 2024.11
Style Eyelet Fig Tree & Co. fcc_eyelet.pdf jpg_eyelet.zip 2023.11
Christmas Fa la la la la French General 2011/fcc_Fa_la_la_la_la.pdf 2011/jpg_fa-la-la-la-la.zip 2011.06
Style Fairy Tale Friends American Jane 2011/fcc_fairy_tale_friends.pdf 2011/jpg_fairy-tale-friends.zip 2011.10
Classic Fall Fantasy Flannels Holly Taylor fcc_fall-fantasy-flannels.pdf jpg_fall-fantasy-flannels.zip 2021.08
Style Fall Impressions Flannel Holly Taylor 2017/fcc_fall-impressions-flannel.pdf 2017/jpg_fall-impressions-flannel.zip 2017.07
Classic Fall Melody Flannels Holly Taylor fcc_fallmelodyflannels.pdf jpg_fall-melody-flannels.zip 2022.08
Classic Famhouse Flannels III Primitive Gatherings fcc_farmhouse-flannels-iii.pdf jpg_farmhouse-flannels-iii.zip 2024.07
Style Family Tree Deb Strain 2013/fcc_family-tree.pdf 2013/jpg_family-tree.zip 2013.10
Metro Fanciful Forest Momo fcc_FancifulForest_MoMo.pdf jpg_FancifulForest_MoMo.zip 2021.04
Metro Fandango Kate Spain 2010/fcc_fandango.pdf 2010/jpg_fandango.zip 2010/fp_fandango.pdf 2010.08
Metro Farm Charm Gingiber 2020/fcc_farm-charm.pdf 2020/jpg_farm-charm.zip 2020.02
Metro Farm Fresh Gingiber 2018/fcc_farm-fresh.pdf 2018/jpg_farm-fresh.zip 2018.11
Style Farm Fun Stacy Iest Hsu 2016/fcc_farm-fun.pdf 2016/jpg_farm-fun.zip 2016.09
Metro Farmer's Daughter Lella Boutique 2017/fcc_Farmers-Daughters.pdf 2017/jpg_farmers-daughter.zip 2017.10
Style Farmhouse Fig Tree & Co. 2015/fcc_farmhouse.pdf 2015/jpg_farmhouse.zip 2015.09
Classic Farmhouse Flannel Primitive Gatherings 2019/fcc_farmhouse-flannels.pdf 2019/jpg_farmhouse-flannel.zip 2019.07
Classic Farmhouse Flannels II Primitive Gatherings 2020/fcc_farmhouse-flannels-II.pdf 2020/jpg_farmhouse-flannels-II.zip 2020.07
Style Farmhouse II Fig Tree & Co. 2018/fcc_farm-house-II.pdf 2018/jpg_farmhouse-2.zip 2018.10
Classic Farmhouse Reds Minick & Simpson 2018/fcc_Farmhouse-Reds.pdf 2018/jpg_farmhouse-reds.zip 2018.01
Style Farmstead Stacy Iest Hsu fcc_farmstead.pdf jpg_farmstead.zip 2024.11
Rubystar Favorite Flowers Ruby Star Society fcc_rss-favorite-flowers.pdf jpg_rss-favorite-flowers.zip 2024.08
Style Favorite Things Sherri and Chelsi fcc_favorite-things.pdf jpg_favorite-things.zip 2023.06
Style Feed Company Sweetwater 2015/fcc_feed-company.pdf 2015/jpg_feed-company.zip 2015.03
Style Feed Sacks - Red Rover Linzee Kull McCray 2018/fcc_feed-sacks-red-rover.pdf 2018/jpg_feed-sacks-red-rover.zip 2018.12
Classic Feed Sacks - True Blue Linzee Kull McCray 2018/fcc_feed-sacks-true-blue.pdf 2018/jpg_feed-sacks-true-blue.zip 2018/fp_feed-sacks-true-blue.pdf 2018.04
Style Feed Sacks Good Works Linzee Kull McCray fcc_feed-sacks-good-works.pdf jpg_feed-sacks-good-works.zip 2023.11
Style Felicity Batiks Kate Spain fcc_felicity-batiks.pdf jpg_felicity-batiks.zip 2021.07
Classic Fern Hill Jan Patek 2016/fcc_fern-hill.pdf 2016/jpg_fern-hill.zip 2016.09
Style Fiddle Dee Dee Me & My Sister 2020/fcc_fiddle-dee-dee.pdf 2020/jpg_fiddle-dee-dee.zip 2020.01
Classic Field Notes Blackbird Designs 2013/fcc_field_notes.pdf 2013/jpg_field-notes.zip 2013.02
Style Field Of Flowers Katharine Watson fcc_field-of-flowers.pdf jpg_field-of-flowers.zip 2024.10
Style Fields of Blue Moda 2019/fcc_fields-of-blue.pdf 2019/jpg_fields-of-blue.zip 2019.12
Style Fiesta Me & My Sister fcc_fiesta.pdf jpg_fiesta.zip 2024.09
Classic Figgy Pudding BasicGrey fcc_figgy-pudding.pdf jpg_figgy-pudding.zip 2009.06
Style Figs & Shirtings Fig Tree & Co. fcc_figs-and-shirtings.pdf jpg_figs-and-shirtings.zip 2020.10
Metro Figures Zen Chic 2014/fcc_figures.pdf 2014/jpg_figures.zip 2014.08
Metro Filigree Zen Chic fcc_filigree.pdf jpg_filigree.zip 2023.02
Metro Fine and Sunny Jen Kingwell 2020/fcc_fine-and-sunny.pdf 2020/jpg_fine-and-sunny.zip 2020.04
Classic Finnegan Brenda Riddle 2019/fcc_finnegan.pdf 2019/jpg_finnegan.zip 2019.08
Metro Fire And Ice Batiks Studio M fcc_fire_and_ice_batiks.pdf jpg_fire-and-ice-batiks.zip 2022.03
Style Fire and Ice II Batiks Moda 2018/fcc_fire-ice-batiks.pdf 2018/jpg_fire-ice-2-batiks.zip 2018.12
Rubystar Firefly Sarah Watts fcc_rss-firefly.pdf jpg_rss-firefly.zip 2022.09
Basics Fireside Moda 2010/fcc_fireside.pdf 2010/jpg_fireside.zip 2010.03
Metro First Crush Sweetwater 2015/fcc_first-crush.pdf 2015/jpg_first-crush.zip 2015.11
Rubystar First Light Ruby Star Society fcc_rss-first-light.pdf jpg_rss-first-light.zip 2021.07
Style First Romance Kristyne Czepuryk 2017/fcc_first-romance.pdf 2017/jpg_first-romance.zip 2017.10