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Style Collection Name Designer Swatch Page JPG Images Free Pattern In Stores
Style Bobbins and Bits Pat Sloan 2013/fcc_bobbins-and-bits.pdf 2013/jpg_bobbins-and-bits.zip 2013.09
Style Trick or Treat Deb Strain 2011/fcc_Trick_or_Treat.pdf 2011/jpg_trick-or-treat2.zip 2011.05
Style Wild Blue Yonder Sentimental Studios 2016/fcc_wild-blue-yonder.pdf 2016/jpg_wild-blue-yonder.zip 2016.03
Style JOL Wenche Wolff Hatling 2016/fcc_jol.pdf 2016/jpg_jol.zip 2016.05
Style Amelia Me & My Sister 2011/fcc_amelia.pdf 2011/jpg_amelia.zip 2011.08
Style Dragonfly Summer Holly Taylor 2011/fcc_Dragonfly_Summer.pdf 2011/jpg_dragonfly-summer.zip 2011.03
Style Sewing Box Gina Martin 2014/fcc_sewing-box.pdf 2014/jpg_sewing-box.zip 2014/fp_sewing-box.pdf 2014.02
Style Whitewashed Cottage 3 Sisters 2015/fcc_whitewashed.pdf 2015/jpg_whitewashed-cottage.zip 2015.01
Style Awesome Sandy Gervais 2010/ll_Awesome.pdf 2010/jpg_awesome.zip 2010.07
Style Lil Red Stacy Iest Hsu 2016/fcc_lil-red.pdf 2016/jpg_lil-red.zip 2016.01
Style Whatever The Weather Paper and Cloth Design Studio fcc_whatever-the-weather.pdf jpg_whatever-the-weather.zip 2023.11
Style Milestones - 20 years with Moda Kansas Troubles 2019/fcc_milestones.pdf 2019/jpg_milestones.zip 2019.10
Style Petite Odile French General 2012/fcc_petite_odile.pdf 2012/jpg_petite-odile.zip 2012.05
Style Scarlet and Sage Fig Tree & Co. 2019/fcc_scarlet-and-sage.pdf 2019/jpg_scarlet-and-sage.zip 2019.10
Style ABC xyz Stacy Iest Hsu fcc_abcxyz.pdf jpg_abc-xyz.zip 2022.08
Style Dreamscapes Ira Kennedy fcc_dreamscapes.pdf jpg_dreamscapes.zip 2020.12
Style Amberley Brenda Riddle 2018/fcc_amberley.pdf 2018/jpg_amberley.zip 2018.11
Style Feed Company Sweetwater 2015/fcc_feed-company.pdf 2015/jpg_feed-company.zip 2015.03
Style Fiesta Me & My Sister fcc_fiesta.pdf jpg_fiesta.zip 2024.09
Style Gradients Auras Moda fcc_gradients-auras.pdf jpg_gradients-auras.zip 2024.01
Style Prints Charming Sandy Gervais 2015/fcc_printscharming.pdf 2015/jpg_prints-charming.zip 2015.10
Style Picnic Pop! Me & My Sister fcc_picnicpop.pdf jpg_picnic-pop.zip 2022.09
Style Nova BasicGrey 2019/fcc_nova.pdf 2019/jpg_nova.zip 2019.04
Style Beautiful Day Corey Yoder fcc_beautiful_day.pdf jpg_beautiful-day.zip 2021.12
Style Horseshoe Trail Sara Khammash 2013/fcc_horse-shoe-trail.pdf 2013/jpg_horseshoe-trail.zip 2013.04
Style The Good Life Camille Roskelley 2017/fcc_the-good-life.pdf 2017/jpg_the-good-life.zip 2017.08
Style Holiday Essentials Halloween Stacy Iest Hsu fcc_HolidayEssentialsHalloween2023.pdf jpg_holiday-essentials-halloween.zip 2021.05
Style Brew Deb Strain 2018/fcc_brew.pdf 2018/jpg_brew.zip 2018.10
Style Concrete Jungle Studio M fcc_concrete-jungle.pdf jpg_concrete-jungle.zip 2023.08
Style Confetti Me & My Sister 2018/fcc_confetti.pdf 2018/jpg_confetti.zip 2018.01
Style Family Tree Deb Strain 2013/fcc_family-tree.pdf 2013/jpg_family-tree.zip 2013.10
Style Passport Moda 2015/fcc_new-passport.pdf 2015/jpg_moda-passport.zip 2015.02
Style Its Elementary American Jane 2020/fcc_its-elementary.pdf 2020/jpg_its-elementary.zip 2020.09
Style Shibori Debbie Maddy 2016/fcc_shibori.pdf 2016/jpg_shibori.zip 2016.09
Style Noir Alli K Design fcc_noir.pdf jpg_noir.zip 2024.04
Style Rue 1800 3 Sisters 2020/fcc_rue-1800.pdf 2020/jpg_rue-1800.zip 2020/fp_rue1800_ps44220_henriettte_web.pdf 2020.02
Style Sunny Day Batiks Moda fcc_sunny-day-batiks.pdf jpg_sunny-day-batiks.zip 2021.06
Style Early Bird Camille Roskelley 2019/fcc_early-bird2.pdf 2019/jpg_early-bird2.zip 2019.10
Style Grow! Me & My Sister 2016/fcc_grow.pdf 2016/jpg_grow.zip 2016.03
Style Machi Debbie Maddy 2018/fcc_machi.pdf 2018/jpg_machi.zip 2018.10
Style Fresh Cottons Fig Tree & Co. 2010/fcc_Fresh_Cottons.pdf 2010/jpg_fresh-cottons.zip 2010.05
Style Thankful Deb Strain 2019/fcc_thankful.pdf 2019/jpg_thankful.zip 2019.06
Style Sweet And Plenty Me & My Sister fcc_sweet-and-plenty.pdf jpg_sweet-and-plenty.zip 2023.10
Style Regent Street Lawns 2018 Moda 2018/fcc_regent-street-lawns-2018.pdf 2018/jpg_regent-street-lawns-2018.zip 2018.05
Style Figs & Shirtings Fig Tree & Co. fcc_figs-and-shirtings.pdf jpg_figs-and-shirtings.zip 2020.10
Style Moonlight Manor Deb Strain 2014/fcc_moonlight_manor.pdf 2014/jpg_moonlight-manor.zip 2014.06
Style Caroline Brenda Riddle 2017/fcc_caroline.pdf 2017/jpg_caroline.zip 2017.11
Style Tapestry Fig Tree & Co. 2012/fcc_tapestry.pdf 2012/jpg_tapestry.zip 2012.10
Style Fields of Blue Moda 2019/fcc_fields-of-blue.pdf 2019/jpg_fields-of-blue.zip 2019.12
Style Sunnyside Camille Roskelley fcc_sunnyside.pdf jpg_sunnyside.zip 2023.04